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Breaks Co-op - Sound Inside

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 15 / 3 / 2006

Breaks Co-op - Sound Inside
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Debut album from harmonic pop trio Breaks Co-op, who have been bestsllers in their native New Zealand and include Radio 1's Zane Lowe among their number

Breaks Co-op features two New Zealanders, Zane Lowe and Hamish Clark, and an English man, Andy Lovegrove They have already had a massive hit back home with their debut single, 'The Otherside', which will be released on May 22nd in Britain. This song made it to Number One and was the winner of Single of the Year at the New Zealand Record Awards in 2005. Zane Lowe, who lives in Britain, is the superstar Radio 1 DJ , and in his day job is very punk rock, open minded and the spirit of alternative music radio, being friends with the likes of Green Day. This album is in contrast laid back to the equivalent of the point of falling asleep on the sunny beach after having had too many summer beers in the sunshine. Zane Lowe won't be going on the road to tour the album due to the fact that he is so busy and he is about to become a Dad. It opens with 'The Sound Inside' which is laid back, and mature and grown up sounding rock. Think Jack Johnson without the hushed, husky vocals. 'Wonder' is more trippy and beats based, and is good summer music. The hit single follows, and is a big sounding, acoustic number that recalls early 70's Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 'Settle Down' has groovy beats and is acoustic based. 'Last Night' recalls Portishead with its darkness but, although the tune is shaded by the dark, the vocal is total sunlight. 'A Place for You' is another acoustic number and is pleasant enough. 'Duet' has a deep groove and a three part harmony, which is very 70's, very laid back and recalls the Bee Gees. 'Question of Freedom' has a deep bass line and some weird samples and is quite funky. It has feedback as well, but in a late 60's/early 70's way, and,sounding like it could be the soundtrack to a 70's film, features a sample of Beat poet, Allen Ginsberg, at the end. 'Ima' has a more laid back vibe and again a three part harmony while 'Beats Interlude' is short at just over a minute with a jazzy element. 'Too Easily' is slow and delicate, with a sad vocal. A violin assists, but, while it is a track about falling in love, it leaves you feeling the opposite and miserable. 'Lay Me Down' is more upbeat and a Doors 'Indian Summer' vibe. Sitars in the background give it an Indian feel. 'Twilight' has crashing waves and a female vocal, that give it a 60's trippy drug sound. It is mellow but modern like much of the rest of the album.

Track Listing:-
1 The Sound Inside
2 Wonder
3 The Otherside
4 Settle Down
5 Last Night
6 A Place for You
7 Duet
8 Question of Freedom
9 Lma
10 Beats Interlude
11 Too Easily
12 Lay Me Down
13 Twilight

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