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Aereogramme - Seclusion

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 5 / 3 / 2006

Aereogramme - Seclusion
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Complex, but powerful progressive rock on third album from Scottish act Aerogramme, who list Thursday, the Flaming Lips, Idlewild, Isis and the late John Peel among their fans

'Seclusion' is the third album from Scottish rockers Aerogramme. Aerogramme were formed in the late 90’s by Singer Craig B and Campbell McNeil. They have since built up a loyal fan base in their native UK and across North America. Thursday, the Flaming Lips, Idlewild and Isis all cite themselves as fans. Another fan, who is very close to my heart, was the late, great John Peel. The band's record label Sonic Unyon describe the 6-track 'Seclusion'as a “mini” album, but with most songs running around the 4 and half minute mark and one song lasting 10 minutes it is hardly a “mini-album”. It is not an easy listen. You do have to be in the mood for much of this album, You’re not going to just pop it on your car stereo while you drive to work. 'Inkwell' is the most straightforward song and is my personal favourite. It has an intimate feel to it with Craig B’s vulnerable vocals drawing you straight in to the music and having an almost hypnotising quality. Although 'Inkwell' is the most accessible song on the album, it sets up the rest of the album superbly. 'Dreams and Bridges' shows the depth of the band's music ability. It veers from the slow and heavy to the dreamy and atmospheric and ends with a good old dose of feedback and general riffing. The 10-minute epic, 'The Unravelling' really pushes the album further,living up to its title, and starting slowly and getting faster and more intense, before slowing right down again at the end. It sounds how I imagine Tool would sound if they were British.'Lightning Strikes the Postman' is a huge sounding song again which puts Craig B’s soft vocals against heavy guitars that chug along in the background, and creating a wonderful sound that is very much the band's own. Aerogramme are definitely a band you should check out if you like albums that you really have to listen to. If you let it work. it’s magic. It is a good slice of progressive style rock, without for a moment slipping into the self-indulgent trail.

Track Listing:-
1 Inkwell
2 Dreams And Bridges
3 The Unravelling
4 I Don't Need Your Love
5 Lightning Strikes The Postman
6 Alternate Score

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