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Gardin - Epithalamium

  by John Clarkson

published: 22 / 1 / 2006

Gardin - Epithalamium
Label: Autumn Music
Format: CDS


Melancholic, beautiful new EP from Dutch-based slowcore group Gardin

Gardin are a Dutch-based slowcore group that are centred around the multi-talents of vocalist, guitarist, pianist and occasional percussionist Michel Tuin. ‘Epithalamium’, their new five track EP, which has been released on the appropriately-titled Autumn Music, is limited to 500 copies and follows on from an album, ‘Minor Setbacks’, which was released in 2001. Both Low and the Red House Painters are obvious reference points, Gardin’s music combining together a similar brooding melancholy and slow-paced majesty. Tuin’s vocals, which are sung in English, have a Gothic edge, telling in rich, florid language of love in decay and decline. The dreamy foreign pronouncement of his lyrics meanwhile help to give 'Epithalamium' an eerieness. Only ‘Kirily’ moves away from this with sudden start-stop grinding guitars, bellowed words and squalls of feedback. It is powerful in its own right, but seems odd and out-of-place within the context of the rest of the EP and amidst the tranquil, despondent beauty of tracks such as ‘Some Nuptial Hymn’, ‘I Know’ and instrumental ‘Othao’. Performed with pristine passion, the quality of the musicianship throughout ‘Epithalamium’ , however, is very high. Its sepia front cover photo of a misty-looking rose is also exquisitive. For fans of melancholic music and the softer side of Gothic rock, there is much to recommend.

Track Listing:-
1 Some Nuptial Hymn
2 Kirily
3 I Know
4 Olhao
5 Go Went Gone

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