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Goldrush - Ozona

  by Jon Rogers

published: 21 / 1 / 2006

Goldrush - Ozona
Label: Better Looking Records
Format: CD


Unexceptional, flat-sounding country-tinged rock from Oxford-based group Goldrush, who are clearly aiming at the American market

Despite hailing from Oxford in England, Goldrush are transfixed by all things Americana and Canada's Neil Young. In fact, if you didn't know any better you could be forgiven for thinking that the band actually came from America. The album is named after a small town in Texas, the album artwork is of an American landscape and the group took their name from a Neil Young song. Apart from the glaringly obvious tips to North America, the five-piece do have their British influences too. Along with the folky, country-rock aspects there are hints of latter day Ride, as well as the grandiose aspect of Coldplay, Travis and Radiohead. 'Ozona' opens strongly enough with 'Wait for the Wheels' as the band romp through a tune that dusts off the cobwebs and rollicks along. It is no doubt destined to become a certified crowd-pleaser at gigs. You can see it now. There they are cranking it out in some US football stadium to a whoopin' 'n' hollerin' crowd with cigarette lighters held aloft. The other remaining ten songs leave much to be desired. The ensuing 'All the Faces' tries to ape John Bonham's thunderous drumming in Led Zeppelin but it just falls flat. Flat is perhaps a good summation of 'Ozona' overall. It's solid country-tinged rock but its all just very unexceptional and brings nothing new to the genre. It's clearly aimed at the US market and will probably go down a storm over there.

Track Listing:-
1 Wait For The Wheels
2 All The Faces
3 Jupiter
4 Counting Song
5 Feel
6 Let You Down
7 Each Moment In Time
8 Come On Come On
9 There's A World
10 What I Thought
11 Outro

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