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Ant - Footprints Through The Snow

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 23 / 12 / 2005

Ant - Footprints Through The Snow
Label: Homesleep Records
Format: CD


Beautifully played melancholic indiepop on first studio produced album from ex-Hefner drummer Anthony Harding

This is Anthony Harding’s first studio produced album. It was recorded over 8 days in Italy by the now ex-Hefner drummer and Swedish resident. There is nothing here he hasn’t done before but it is very beautifully played and pleasant on the ear. ‘When Your Heart Breaks’ is fragile in tone. The vocal is clear and clean and it is very short and to the point. ‘In Your Dreams’ has more of a band sound, and, a toe tapper, as usual with Ant is very twee. This will make you warm on a cold winter’s night. ‘Slipped Away’ is keyboard based, has some sweet acoustic guitar and Ant’s vocal on it is both shy and forgiving at the same time. Strings on it give it an extra sadness. ‘She"ll Be Home Soon’ is again very twee, a tale of young love still at the holding hands period. ‘Spent Too Long Walking with No Heart to Follow ‘features a classical guitar with nylon. Ant’s voice is yearning, while strings again lift it to another place. ‘This Goodbye Kiss’ recalls Tindersticks with its dark mood, while ‘Look How Time Flies’ has a fast beat. ‘Those Memories’ finds Ant going back to being slow and has sharp chords. ‘Change with the Season’ has a pleasant flow to it, and is somewhere between Prefab sprout and Belle and Sebastian’..’Up Sticks and Go’ is much softer in its approach, while ‘Havesn’t You Got Anywhere Left You Can Run To ?’ is a strummed guitar number. It ends with heading home, which ends the album on a lovely note.

Track Listing:-
1 When Your Heart Breaks (Into Many Little Pieces)
2 In Your Dreams
3 Slipped Away
4 She'll Be Home Soon
5 Spent Too Long Walking With No Heart to Follow
6 This Goodbye Kiss
7 Look How Time Flies
8 Those Memories
9 Change With the Season
10 Up Sticks and Go
11 Haven't You Got Anywhere Left You Can Run To?
12 We Didn't Move a Muscle
13 Heading Home

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