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I Love Poland - Regret This / Cripple

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 6 / 10 / 2005

I Love Poland - Regret This / Cripple
Label: Denial Records
Format: CDS


7" limited edition debut release from new Nick Cave inspired synthesiser duo I Love Poland

I Love Poland are a new duo consisting of Ben on vocals and bass and Chris on synthesisers and drum machine. 'Regret This' features a 'Psycho Killer' groove and 80's style clearly delivered melodramatic vocals from Ben, whose voice is a a lighter shade of Nick Cave's. 'Cripple' is more uplifting and dancey. It is like Depeche Mode in its vibe. It will appeal to people like Goths and New Romantics who like their music to be underground. It is limited to a mere 150 copies on 7 inch vinyl. You can also download it at www.karmadownload.com

Track Listing:-
1 Regret This
2 Cripple

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