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Alfie - Crying At Tea Time

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 11 / 8 / 2005

Alfie - Crying At Tea Time
Label: Regal
Format: CD


Twee-influenced fourth album from Manchester based indie pop act, Alfie

Crying at Teatime’ is the fourth album from Manchester band Alfie. Its cover is very pop art, but musically it sounds very twee and like Belle and Sebastian. It starts off with its first single, ‘Your Own Religion’. The guitar work on ‘Your Own Religion’ sounds like early 70’s George Harrison. Front man Lee Gorton joins in with a Stuart Murdoch-style vocal. The arrangements are track are very Belle and Sebastian. I eventually builds up to a dramatic conclusion, but oddly it recalls a lot of middle of the road 70’s songs. ’Look at You Now’ is similar in fashion and should appeal to Sarah Records. ‘Crying at Teatime’ has a pleasant groove and some easy-on-the-ear guitar lines. It is very twee and a little like the Beach Boys too, while ‘Till the End’ is like an acoustic JJ72 without the high notes. ‘All Too Heavy Now’ is much faster, but again very twee. ‘Applecart’ is slow and calming and as innocent as a 60’s sunny summer day, while ‘Colours’, which is in a similar vein, is like Stereolab without the moog. ‘Wizzo’ is a psychedelic pop number. Its keyboards recall the Inspiral Carpets, while a cello, which also appears on it, could have come from ‘Sgt Pepper.’ ‘Where Did Our Loving Go ?’ is reminiscent of the Smiths ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want This Time?’ It ends with ‘Kitsune’, which is slow but perky but, like much of this album, for Belle and Sebastian fans only.

Track Listing:-
1 Your Own Religion
2 Look at You Now
3 Crying at Teatime
4 Til the End
5 All Too Heavy Now
6 Applecart
7 Colours
8 Wizzo
9 Where Did Our Loving Go?
10 Kitsune

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