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Anonymous Tip - Greetings From Wasteland

  by Helen Tipping

published: 5 / 7 / 2005

Anonymous Tip - Greetings From Wasteland
Label: 10 : 10
Format: CD


Undemanding debut CD from young South West London act Anonymous Tip, who take their influences from the current American punk scene

Anonymous Tip are from South West London, but the music they make owes more to the American punk scene than the current UK punk influenced music scene. For the type of music they play, they seem to be quite good for a first album. I liked the reggae influenced 'Space Fluid', as I felt it brought another much needed dimension to their sound. They’ll have to try to do more to bring a touch of originality to their sound, as currently the rest of the CD sounds pretty much like any other band of that genre, but that might just be me and my lack of knowledge of Green Day, NOFX etc. Lyrically you can tell they are teenagers. There's a bit of a fixation with love, sex and what appears to be masturbation – or maybe my mind has just slipped into the gutter again. Hopefully, with a bit of maturity and experience they’ll grow out of it and write something a bit more demanding.

Track Listing:-
1 Big Brown Bear
2 Pro Spec Confession
3 Space Fluid
4 Blame Santa
5 Lemon Juice On My Nipples
6 Slap Happy Babby

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