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Air Formation - 57 Octaves Below

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 17 / 5 / 2005

Air Formation - 57 Octaves Below
Label: Club AC30
Format: CDS


Perfect dream rock on Brighton band air Formation's new EP which brings back memories of Slowdive, Ride and my Bloody Valentine

Brighton's Air Formation still wash over me and get me excited and dreamy in the way that only Slowdive can, whose magical spells still influence my ears even today. 'For the Hours' is trippy in an old fashioned shoegazing way but whereas before Air Formation edged towards Slowdive, this is a little more My Bloody Valentine, a little more Ride and even a little bit Lush. The vocals, which still essentially inaudible, are slightly more clear than past offerings. The drums rattle off against a wash of feedbacking guitars while the bass sticks out firmly to great effect. 'Never Far Away' is feedback heaven. It is very much feet on the peddles stuff, and mixes Slowdive melodies with the Jesus and Mary Chain's pop sensibilities. 'Ghosts" sees the band firmly back in Slowdive territory and has instruments which glow in every direction. 'Hope' has shimmering soft guitars that build up pace slowly, and harmony based lyrics that float like clouds. This is pretty much perfection from a great band indeed.

Track Listing:-
1 For the Hours
2 Never Far Away
3 Ghosts
4 Hope

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