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Avoidance Theory - Shape of Trees

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 5 / 2005

Avoidance Theory - Shape of Trees
Label: Not Lame
Format: CD


First rate indie pop from Los Angeles duo Avoidance Theory, whose debut album proves to be "veranda music par excellence"

They're Bryan and Linda from Los Angeles. When you're unfamiliar with Avoidance Theory, you ought to know of the duo's liking for happy harmonics. Think of nice, considerate and really wonderful pop music. It is rather impossible to not love 'The Shape of Trees'. Avoidance Theory most probably are turtles on a budget studio recording.Their debut album 'The Shape of Trees' perhaps best would be described as a soft-toned garden party. "As the tree trunks sit where I want to go." The duo saw the seasons pass by and must have thought that anything Vivaldi can do they should try as well. This follow-up to last year's 'Promise to The Refrigerator' EP is veranda music par excellence. The tender pace, the dreamy vocals plus the warm jingle-jangle sound best when you're sat on your lawn or balcony. 'The Shape of Trees' is not an album that would upset your neighbours. Should we have a Summer of Love in 2005, this could be the soundtrack. Yum.

Track Listing:-
1 Otto de Auto
2 Welcome Fits
3 Neck Of The Woods
4 Shape Of Trees
5 Hibernate
6 Summery Action Films
7 Emotion Sickness
8 Rocking Horse Race
9 United Organ
10 Love And Truth

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