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Dolium - Kisses Fractures

  by Helen Tipping

published: 19 / 4 / 2005

Dolium - Kisses Fractures
Label: Platform 9
Format: CD


Debut album from Yorkshire-based punks Dolium, which "owes more to the Pixies than the Pistols" and also throws in a hint of Death Rock

Dolium are Reece Adamo (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Mistress De Vine (bassist), with the drums played by Simon F Himsworth. It's not clear whether Simon is a permanent addition, but I'm sure it's an improvement on the drum machine they started out with. Originally from Leeds, the band now reside in Manchester, via Sheffield, and have played a number of support gigs at the Leadmill in Sheffield earning themselves a loyal following in the area. They are still pretty much an underground band, despite radio air play from John Peel and Steve Lamacq, although many other bands are doubtless in a similar position. Their debut album is all thrashing guitars and raw vocals, giving it an uncompromising sound that's been described as punk, but it's a darker version of punk that owes more to the Pixies than the Pistols, with more than a hint of Death Rock. Great - I've had enough of EMO and indie-pop posturing by NME babes. The band describe the recording as lo-fi, using no fancy equipment, so it should be a reasonable approximation of their live sound. It certainly sounds more passionate than you'd normally expect from a studio album and I particularly like the opening chugging guitar of 'Driving with the Deathettes', the first track, which drags you in, kicking and screaming. 'Kisses Fractures' is worth a listen, and they sound as though they are worth going to see live as well with an equally passionate stage show.

Track Listing:-
1 Driving With The Deathettes
2 Broken Nose, Broken Home
3 Kisses
4 Had A Friend
5 She's The Pill That Makes Me Want To Stay
6 Drug City
7 Whore Whore
8 Godspeed Your Love To Me
9 Stesso Destruction
10 Unity (Feels Like The End)

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