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Love Ends Disaster - Stories For The Dislocated

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 3 / 2005

Love Ends Disaster - Stories For The Dislocated
Label: Denial Records
Format: CD


Strong debut EP from Interpol-inspired Nottingham guitar rockers, Love Ends Disaster

New Nottingham-based four piece Love Ends Disaster have delivered a strong 5 tracker with 'Stories for the Dislocated', their debut EP. It opens with 'TV' which has tinny guitar and shambolic vocals in the style of Ian Curtis. The rhythm section is, however, very tight and together and by the end it sounds like Bloc Party. 'Ginko Disco' has dance beats and recalls Interpol, but also is reminiscent of P.I.L. As 'Like Scratches' progresses, its new wave punk chords become increasingly dramatic. 'Sendai' meanwhile is thrashy and has very direct bass lines. Its vocals sounds initially like those of Paul Banks from Interpol and then by the end like Pete Murphy from Bauhaus. 'Little Lost Causes' is much slower, and is very atmospheric. Its vocals this time recall those of Thom Yorke from Radiohead. It is direct and to the point. 'Warning:Robots' is scratchy and fast, and has a late 70's new wave feel. It starts sounding like a punkier version of Squeeze, but then goes into Kitchens of Distinction vibe.

Track Listing:-
1 TV
2 Ginko Disco
3 Sendai
4 Little Lost Causes
5 Warning: Robots

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