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Vic Du Monte's Idiot Prayer - Prey For The City

  by Matt Williams

published: 16 / 3 / 2005

Vic Du Monte's Idiot Prayer - Prey For The City
Label: Duna Records
Format: CD


Impressive debut album from Idiot Prayer, the debut album of Kyuss co-founder Vic Du Monte, which surprisingly proves to have a lo-fi desert rock sound

Note to self; Never listen to others pre-conceived rants when preparing to review someone’s blood, sweat and tears. Having made this mistake and prepared for the delivery of Prey For The City' by listening to Kyuss and Hermano, both fine dirty guitar driven riff heavy bands, I started my aural experience with a Rock-primed pair of ears. Idiot Prayer have their roots in the aforementioned acts, frontman Vic du Monte having co-founded Kyuss in one of his previous personas, but that is where any semblance ends. Striking out more as a lo-fi desert guitar band, in the vein of Ry Cooder's soundtrack to 'Paris Texas' mixed with anything by the Murder City Devils, they deliver a stripped back soundtrack which would give a great background to any lazy sun filled day. 'Casablanca' in particular wouldn’t be out of place in a Sergio Leone western and whilst this incarnation as a whole offers a definitive thread throughout the album it remains engaging till the needle leaves the groove. You should, regardless of you musical persuasion, visit the band website; www.vicdumonte.com where under the review page you’ll find a series of rejection letters from labels passing up the opportunity to sign and distribute this fantastic album. Whilst many labels openly reject the Idiot Prayer offering, some clearly having not given them the attention they deserve, it is left to the reserve of Duna Records to release this worthy contribution to the world at large. All in all 'Prey for The City' is like a journey, an education in one participant's roots in stoner rock and a demonstration of how an individual's musical taste aren’t always apparent in a single offering.

Track Listing:-
1 Dead Airline Ticket
2 Jolene
3 Casablanca
4 Company Man
5 Dream Of A Girl
6 Death & Man
7 Sex At Knifepoint
8 Worrying Won't Do
9 County Cage
10 Connelly 7
11 Teen Baby

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