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Ttc - Batards Sensibles

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 18 / 11 / 2004

Ttc - Batards Sensibles
Label: Big Dada
Format: CD


Eclectic and aatirical second album from "Paris hiphop gremlins" TTC, which "trashes elegantly and roams around in a steaming pot filled with urban dance styles"

Paris hiphop gremlins TTC release the follow-up to the intentionally tedious 'Ceci n'est pas Un Dsque' on Big Dada this week. ' Bâtards Sensibles' features a great wealth of IDM riddims and actually TTC may offer a new blend. One of the stand out tracks 'Girlfriend' melts a thriving dancehall vibe on a slab of digital grit. Lyrically TTC use sarcasm and satire in witty disrespect for matters like period bleeding. TTC's 'Du Sang Sur Le Dancefloor' reminded me of the BBC's Mary Anne Hobbs telling us men that dance music can be felt down below vibrating in the ovaries. On 'Bâtards Sensibles' - which translates as sensitive rather than sensible bastards actually - the TTC trio, never mind there's 4 of 'em on the sleeve, mock respectfully; trashes elegantly and roams around in a steaming pot filled with urban dance styles. Vâchement kool, je t'assure.

Track Listing:-
1 Ebisu rendez-voous
2 Dans Le Club
3 Le Chant des Hommes
4 Du sang sur le Dancefloor
5 Catalogue
6 J'ai Pas Sommeil
7 Rap Jeu
8 Latest Dance Craze
9 Girlfriend
10 Batard Sensibles
11 Codeine
12 Meet The New Boss

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