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Jimmy Lee Williams - Hoot Your Belly

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 18 / 11 / 2004

Jimmy Lee Williams - Hoot Your Belly
Label: Fat Possum
Format: CD


Reassuring and comfortable archival release on the Fat Possum label of two late 70's/early 80's sessions by the late blues guitarist, Jimmy Lee Williams

'Hoot Your Belly' was recorded by historian George Mitchell – whose archive the Fat Possum label have bought. The sleeve notes contain a rather wonderful description by Williams of his life, farming in Worth County, Georgia – where Jimmy Lee lived his whole life. Despite never having been released previously – except maybe, we’re told, in Holland – 'Hoot Your Belly' is unlikely to come as a surprise to many people. All the songs on it are traditional numbers, and Williams is a strongly traditional blues guitarist. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that he was born in 1925, which would have made him about 52 and 57 when the two sessions for this album were recorded. But there is something very reassuring about listening to this album. It’s comfortable. It feels right. Its a bit like putting on clothes that you’ve had for ages – they might not be exciting anymore but they fit perfectly. This release won’t challenge your musical sensibilities. It won’t break down barriers and start a revolution. But now its getting cold -if it’s not there already – and now the days are pretty much as dark as the nights its nice to a have something like this to play when you feel like a whiskey of an evening.

Track Listing:-
1 What Make Grandpa Love My Grandma So
2 Hoot Your Belly
3 See Here Woman
4 Have You Ever Seen Peaches
5 Jimmy Lee's Frolic
6 Rock on Away from Here
7 When You Hear Me Howling
8 Pretty Baby
9 Little Boy Blue
10 Step It up and Go
11 I Got to Know
12 Whiskey Headed Woman
13 You Got My Money

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