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Air Formation - Stay Inside / Feel Everything

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 10 / 2004

Air Formation - Stay Inside / Feel Everything
Label: Clairecords
Format: CD


Glorious-sounding third album from Brighton-based post-rock group, Air Formation

'Stay Inside/Feel Everything' is Brighton post-rock group Air Formation"s third album, and, like their previous two records, 'Air Formation' and 'Ends in Light', it has won me over very easily. It opens with 'Turns into Sky', which sounds something like the Workhouse or Slowdive, the latter of whom Air Formation and for that matter the Workhouse pay homage to. It is so trippy and bass heavy that within a matter of seconds it had me in complete ecstasy. 'Fallen Leaves' finds the band again in Slowdive territory, but it is darker and more moody than 'Turns into Sky.' 'Seethrustars' has a more chunky sound, while Why I Lost You has' is reminiscent of 'Storm in Heaven' era Verve. 'Full Flight' sounds like an instrumental Slowdive. 'Stay Inside' is very repetitive and recalls Ride , but is magnificent for it. 'Caught Upon the Waves' even has a Slowdive-like title. No guesses then who this sounds like. The album ends with in contrast, 'Here Comes the Rain' which is a Nick Drake style folk number with pleasant-backing, and which is a lovely way to end a great album.

Track Listing:-
1 Turns Into Sky
2 Fallen Leaves
3 Seethrustars
4 Why I Lost You
5 Full Flight
6 Stay Inside, Feel Everything
7 Caught Upon The Waves
8 Here Comes The Rain

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