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Windbreakers - Time Machine 1982-2002

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 4 / 8 / 2004

Windbreakers - Time Machine 1982-2002
Label: Paisley Pop
Format: CD


"Essential" retrospective which compiles together 20 tracks from across Paisley Pop act the Windbreakers' two decade history

I knew nothing about the Windbreakers before the promo for this compilation arrived, but their name sounds familiar. I must of seen their records in the US rock section in various records shops in Camden during the 80's. If I had heard them or seen them live during that musically dreadful period, I would have fallen instantly in love with them. The Windbreakers were guitarists, keyboardists and vocalists Tim Lee and Bobby Sutliff, who were assisted on some tracks on drums and production by Mitch Easter, the genius producer of R.E.M's early albums , and the Brian Wilson of my generation. 'Time Machine' collects gems from the duo's output across a 20 year period, and adds two new songs. The Windbreakers' music will appeal to anyone who loves the Byrds, the Long Ryders, the Cosmic Rough Riders, R.E.M. , Lets Active and Rain Parade( both of whom play on this, the latter on a cover of Television's 'Glory;, Miracle Legion, early Pink Floyd, and the Seeds. The 20 tracks here provide almost 70 minutes of near perfect jangle guitar heaven, in pure Paisley Pop fashion without it sounding too dated. This is essential listening.

Track Listing:-
1 Time Machine
2 Basket Case
3 I Never Thought
4 I'll Be There
5 You Never Give Up
6 New Red Shoes
7 Changeless
8 Off and On
9 All That Stuff
10 Glory
11 Stupid Idea
12 Visa Cards and Antique Mirrors
13 I'll Be Back
14 Ghost Town
15 Run
16 On the Wire
17 Just Fine
18 Do Not Be Afraid
19 Girl From Washington
20 Colorblind

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