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Defectors - Turn Me On

  by Geraint Jones

published: 10 / 4 / 2004

Defectors - Turn Me On
Label: Bad Afro
Format: CD


Competent but ultimately rather one-dimensional attempt at 60's garage rock revivalism from Danish outfit the Defectors, back with a third album

Danish outfit The Defectors’ third album, ‘Turn Me On!’ is a competent enough stab at 60's garage rock revivalism although it doesn’t exactly stretch the boundaries of the genre quite as much as their press release claims. In fairness the band are occasionally very good, especially on ‘It’s Gonna Take Some Time’, a thoroughly enjoyable pop-hewn blast, reminiscent, at least in part, to the 13th Floor Elevators classic ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’. When their sound slots together well – Mort Harder’s snotty vocals, Mik Steggar’s fuzzed up guitar and Martin Budde’s authentic farfisa organ fills, fans of the Sonics, the Seeds and latter day revivalists like the Fuzztones should find plenty here to enjoy. For the non-committed garage fan though the album is probably best taken in small doses, if at all, as the relative one-dimensionality of their sound much like many of the original garage bands that influenced them, can become slightly wearing over the length of an album. Whilst the band has attempted to bend the genre rules on the likes of ‘Sleepwalking' or 'Trick Daisy', the results are sadly rather disappointing. Their attempt at infusing some dub ideas into the garage template on ‘The Zoom Out’ though works quite a lot better on record than it sounds on paper. Fans of the genre will probably lap this up but it may be deemed too samey for most. The aforementioned ‘It’s Gonna take Some Time’ is apparently due out soon as a single and that does come strongly recommended to all.

Track Listing:-
1 Brought Up As A Dog
2 Pretty Baby
3 It's Gonna Take Some Time
4 Trick Daisy
5 Leave Me Alone
6 Sleepwalking
7 It's You
8 C'mon Shake!!!
9 Getaway Man
10 Come On Down
11 The Zoom-Out

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