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Ink Puddle Compound - Tantrum Seas And Dust Lanes

  by Jon Rogers

published: 29 / 12 / 2003

Ink Puddle Compound - Tantrum Seas And Dust Lanes
Label: Camera Obscura
Format: CD


Unsettling, eerie debut album from Ink Puddle Compound, the moniker for American post-rocker, Brandon Siscoe

There is something darkly mysterious about the oddly named Ink Puddle Compound. 'Tantrum Seas and Dust Lanes' is the unsettling solo debut from American Brandon Siscoe, although he's been doing recordings in his bedroom since 1998. Conjuring up the ghosts of early post-rock groups like Bark Psychosis and AR Kane as well as Brian Eno, Ink Puddle Compound inhabits a disquieting world of eerie, melancholic electronica as if soundtracking some post-apocalypse sci-fi film that makes 'Bladerunner' look like 'The Wizard of Oz'. Tracks (to call them songs would be incorrect) are filled with odd bits of piano, moody electronic warblings and the occasional hazy, somnabulistic vocal as if in some narcotic dream. They exist, perpetually caught between being completely abstract and what would conventionally be thought of as a song. 'Tantrum Seas and Dust Lines' meanders along though, not really going anywhere, but is surprisingly transfixing. One track seemingly flows into the next one. Any contrast is washed out in favour of one monotonous tone. It's atmosphere slowly seeps into your consciousness rather than hitting you squarely in the face. By the end though it's just about enough before its relentless drip-drip effect becomes too much to bare. Worth visiting but you may not want to hang around too long.

Track Listing:-
1 Camella
2 Fledgling
3 Call For You With Echoes
4 Our Sculptor Was A Lazy Prince
5 Sirens In Our Bed
6 Pailing
7 Furnace Palms
8 We Had Frost On Our Bodies
9 Movements In Gauze
10 A Third Eye On Every Child
11 Distance Steals Her Vapor

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