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Rothko And Blk W / Bear - Wish For A World Without Hurt

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 29 / 9 / 2003

Rothko And Blk W / Bear - Wish For A World Without Hurt
Label: Trace Recordings
Format: CD


"Moving and unforgetttable" post rock from the always excellent Rothko, recorded in reaction to the events of September 11th

The 11th September 2001 will always be remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of the world. The massive waste of lives and huge destruction from the terrorist attack on the US cities of New York and Washingon still, 2 years on, feels incredibly raw and devastating. The horrifying event made a huge a mark on peoples lives, but it also influenced music. The London based band Rothko are one of those groups that were influenced by the events of September 11th, and the result is an incredibly moving and unforgettable eight track album, 'Wish For A World Without Hurt'. Rothko is fronted by Mark Beazley who in the 6 years since the band first started, has collaborated with many other fine musicians including Crawford Blair and Jon Meade who he created the band's first line-up with, and Susumu Yokota who collaborated with Rothko on the 'Waters Edge' 12" EP (which was released on Lo Recordings). 'Wish For A World Without Hurt' was recorded in collaboration with Frances Morgan (violin and bass guitar) and Michael Donnelly (bass guitar) of the Delicate AWOL, who could be said belong to the present Rothko line-up, and the Washington DC based musician JS (Jim) Adams, who is known as BLK w/BEAR. The music on the first track, 'Wish For A World Without Hurt', sounds not nearly as rough and bleak as you might have expected if you take into account the theme of the album. The organ which is featured as the leading instrument ,but which also echoes in the background, however, undoubtedly draws the scene that something terrible is about to happen. The following 'I Feel Lost Without You' was written in collaboration with JS Adams. The vivid sound of a cut up voice coming out of radio and blended into music feels almost frightening. The sounds of firing guns also make you feel as if you are right in the battle field. The title of the following song, 'Declaration Of Loss', is suggestive of only only thing. Mark's stifling bass guitar sounds as if it is bringing some sad news. Throughout the song you can hear voices of people shouting, but too far way away to to be understood. And perhaps too lost now. The 5th song of the album, 'Dream For An End To Sorrow', is a song of hope. The hope for a better future and the end to sorrow is made clear by Mark's bass guitar as he strums a soft tune against the quiet, atmospheric surroundings. While the theme of the whole album is bleak, this track really make you see that there is a better side to life. 'Like Nails In The Rain' features Frances Morgan on violin. The violin brings a sharpness to the album and gives it a new and fresh direction. The background music gives the impression it is a dark night but towards the end the violin fights its way through it and stands out victoriously. There is no way you could characterize Rothko but you can always recognize the character of Mark's bass guitar. On 'Treasure of Memory ' Mark's proclaiming bass guitar is the stand-out instrument. Just before the album closes and the last tones of the last track, 'Lowering With Wolves', disappear you are taken back to the beginning. The familiar sound of organ from the first song  slips in again. It seems like you are being given the chance to take things back and and maybe make a change. 'Wish For A World Without Hurt' is a very deep and beautiful album. It can, however, also be rough and frightening just like life itself. It would be naive to believe in "a world without hurt",but it would be not be unrealistic to try to make changes to a world of sorrow .

Track Listing:-
1 Wish For A World Without Hurt
2 I Feel Lost Without You
3 Declaration Of Loss
4 Dropped From Clouds
5 Dream For An End To Sorrow
6 Like Nails In The Rain
7 Treasure Of Memories
8 Lowering With Wolves

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