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Miscellaneous - Doncaster Leopard, 10/8/2003

  by Alex Halls

published: 15 / 8 / 2003

Miscellaneous - Doncaster Leopard, 10/8/2003


"One of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands to have hit the modern scene", Copenhagen's Wild Evil Entertainment Dept recently concluded their first British tour. Alex Halls catches them on "seething" form at the Doncaster Leopard

Wild Evil Entertainment Dept, from Copenhagen, Denmark, are simply one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands to have hit the modern scene. The band’s outstanding flair and undoubted commitment leave them well ahead of the competition: they are Denmark’s saviours in a country which is dictated by pop acts that lack substance. Performing at the end of their first British rock tour, Wild Evil Entertainment Dept. (commonly known as W.E.E.D.) kicked their set off at Doncaster’s Leopard in fine form. Despite playing in front of an unfortunately modest crowd, the 5-piece opened in true rock ‘n’ roll style: bold and dirty. They played songs with character all night, but 'Legendary Ordinary' stood out as the exceptional track. The lyrics are fun but meaningful: "Is it for real or is it just wank?" Tracks such as 'Lowland Breed' and 'Jetlag Clinic' were full of life and gave plenty of opportunity for lead singer X to make most use of the venue in his energetic : the stage was all too small for one of Denmark’s leading political journalists. The monstrous ending in 'Diablo Dance' left the Leopard on its knees, humble to what it had just witnessed. The seething guitars and pure noise brought accolades from fans and critics alike. Wild Evil Entertainment Dept. is: Asger Westh (Lead Vocals), Einar Helgi X (Guitar and Vocals), Rasmus Holmboe X (Guitar), Lars Skov (Drums) and Mads Hvidt (Bass). Website: http://www.weed.dk

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Miscellaneous - Doncaster Leopard, 10/8/2003

Miscellaneous - Doncaster Leopard, 10/8/2003

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