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Various - At Least You Can Die With A Smile On Your Face

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 29 / 5 / 2003

Various - At Least You Can Die With A Smile On Your Face
Label: Bella Union
Format: CD


Impressive a double compilation, which features songs by all the bands that have appeared on ex-Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde's Bella Union label, and also a few extras

The acclaimed record label Bella Union has brought many releases out since it was first formed by ex-Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde 6 years ago. Nearly 20 artists have released records on the label and, with its enlarging popularity , this number will definitely go up further still in the future. One of Bella Union's latest releases is a double CD compilation, 'At Least You Can Die With A Smile On Your Face'. The 2 CDs feature songs by all the bands that Bella Union have put out releases by so far and also a few extra songs by acts relating to the label. Unfolding the sleeve you can view, not only the names of the artists and the songs which appear on the compilation, but also information about which albums they come from. Each CD starts darkly. The Czars's 'Drug', which appears on the first CD, kicks off this brief flash into the label's history. Deep and captivating vocals and almost tragic music give the song its character. The lyrics of Lift To Experience’s song, 'Into the Storm', from the second CD (“Tell your mother you won’t be home for Christmas this year/ Say you’re heading South for the promised land”) have a similarly tragic but attractive feel. Dirty Three are one of the best known and popular bands on Bella Union. It took the trio a few years to prove themselves in their own right composing beautiful melodies playing mostly only violin, bass guitar and drums. 'Some Summers, They Drop Like Flies' is no exception to the band's great musical potential. Another popular instrumental artist that Bella Union have released in the past is Rothko – Mark Beazley's solo project. It’s easy to get caught up in Rothko’s thoughtful sounds which alongside a core bass guitar feature various sounds to extend your imagination. In the case of ‘Harold Budd’ the main instrument is the violin. Both Simon Raymonde and Robin Guthrie have also contributed to the compilation. Raymonde’s 'Worship Me’ gives the compilation a slight country music feel ,while Guthrie’s band Violet Indiana brims with sensation with its female vocals and spacy sound. Departure Lounge have quite an energetic spirit. The Catchy tune of  their ‘King Kong Frown’ has a playful tune which is very easy to get into. The CD all together features 22 artists. The others include Francoiz Breut, the Wave Room ,Garlic, Kid Loco , Jack Dangers, Aeriel, Gwei-Lo, Sneakster, Sing Sing, Bonnevill, Nanaco Yu:Ra, the Devics and Al Brooker. I just felt too guilty to leave anyone out! If you want to catch up on what has the London based record label Bella Union been up to, or just to find out more what it is about, checking out this double CD compilation is an easy and most enjoyable way in which to do so.

Track Listing:-
1 The Czars– Drug
2 Françoiz Breut– Portsmouth
3 Dirty Three– Some Summers, They Drop Like Flys
4 Gwei-Lo– Don't Try
5 Sneakster– Sweet Melody
6 Simon Raymonde– Worship Me
7 Sing-Sing– Feels Like Summer
8 Bonnevill– Gene
9 Nanaco– Red Crystal (Bombay Mix)
10 The Wave Room– One For The River
11 Yu-Ra– A Drop Of Tears
12 Lift To Experience– Into The Storm
13 Dévics– Red Morning
14 Kid Loco– Little Bit Of Soul
15 Russell Mills / Undark– Shed Lustre
16 Rothko– Harold Budd
17 Jack Dangers– No Secrets, No Surprises
18 Aeriel– So Warm
19 Departure Lounge – King Kong Frown
20 Garlic – Courgette
21 Violet Indiana– Jailbird
22 Al Brooker– Quixotic

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