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Steel Rules Die - Nostalgia For Beginners

  by Alex Halls

published: 6 / 4 / 2003

Steel Rules Die - Nostalgia For Beginners
Label: In At The Deep
Format: CD


Fresh-sounding punk from new hardcore supergroup Steel Rules Die, whose debut album Nostalgia for Beginners' "develops its own identity amongst a market dedicated to politics, persona and facades"

The growing hardcore scene in the UK has allowed a newer breed of well-fashioned bands to make their entrance in style: Steel Rules Die are one of these, their entrance grandiose, their pedigree plain to see. 'Nostalgia for Beginners', the band's 8-track debut , is hardcore yet melodic. It is aggressive and follows in a similar vein to Hot Water Music but retains more of a punk element, making it that little bit feistier. With metal-type riffs, underlying sounds of raw energy and the pace of a sprinter, 'Nostalgia for Beginners' is not only well written, but it has been beautifully produced also. The entire release has been given serious attention, from the tight interlinking of the music to the remarkable artwork that is nothing short of perfect. The four-piece, vocalist Ricky and guitarist David (both ex Anthem of the Century), bassist Stu (ex Nerves) and drummer Andy (ex 67th Morning), have a high standard behind them. Drawing inspiration from emotions of love, sense of being and bypassing regret, Steel Rules Die have formed the perfect combination of lyrically sound and emotionally charged music. With tracks such as 'You Can Read All The Books You Want', which pictures the world as a race to conquer rather than understand, and Signs of Cloudy Days, which proves that despite confusions of love people still do care, 'Nostalgia for Beginners' develops its own identity amongst a market dedicated to politics, persona and facades. Steel Rules Die are a name to watch onn the hardcore scene. Their music sounds fresher than what is currently being produced in the United States and will certainly help the UK scene grow yet further till it may be respected once more. With independent label In At The Deep End Records supporting Steel Rules Die, their total domination of this market can be seen on the horizon : it is not short in coming.

Track Listing:-
1 Signs Of Cloudy Days
2 The World Never Ended
3 You Can Read All The Books You Want
4 On The Corner Of Fountain And Union
5 Still Waiting For The End
6 Sticks And Stones Will Break My Heart
7 "If Everything Were Grey..."
8 Breaking Windows, Breaking Each Other

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