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Various - Live The Dream 2nd Fierce Panda Sampler

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 7 / 1 / 2003

Various - Live The Dream 2nd Fierce Panda Sampler
Label: Fierce Panda
Format: CD


Eclectic budget-priced compilation from the ever popular Fierce Panda label, which features tracks from such stalwarts as Seafood, Medium 21, the Parkinsons and the Music

The London based independent record label Fierce Panda's regular compilations have always been amongst its most popular releases. This is not just because of their consumer friendly prices, but also because of the very fine choice of bands that appear on them. Past compilations have included tracks by the Manic Street Preachers, the Stereophonics and Catatonia. The latest compilation, 'Live The Dream', features several of the label's long term bands. Seafood are just one of them. Their song, the second track, 'People are Underestimated', begins quietly with a heart like beating of subdued drums followed by male vocals. Guitars then join in with a strong but blurred sound. Female vocals appear deep down drowned in the sound in a similar way in which My Bloody Valentine used to approach their music. Medium 21 became a part of the Fierce Panda family in 2001 when they recorded a single 'Plans Aren't Enough'. 'By My Side', their contribution to 'Live the Dream', is one of the B-sides from this single. Too good to be left as a B-side only, John, the singer's vocals, are charmingly characteristic Bass, guitars and keyboard come together in a slow but regular rhythm that gets easily rooted inside your head. This is my favourite song on the compilation for sure. You have 'Nothing To Lose' claim the Parkinsons on the sixth track. The band have deservedly earned a lot of publicity for their wildly spontaneous live shows. 'Nothing To Lose' is an honest stab of raw punk with screaming vocals and a fiercely independent spirit. The Music, one of the most popular indie bands of 2002, have contributed a live recording, 'The Walls Get Smaller'. This instrumental song features colourful instrumentation and strong-minded drums.. The instruments take it in turns to one by one to stand out to your attention. The main role throughout is provided by the bass. It drifts through the whole song, holding onto the lead and racingly speeding it towards its conclusion.. 'Olestra' by TWIG is completely different in its relationship to all the other songs on the compilation. This is because of its electronic sound. The song uses a rich variety of shooting drum sounds, which very occasionally smoothe and echo into the background. Astronaut closes the compilation's 16 track parade. Their song 'Save Me' concludes the compilation with the same sense of peace and calm that Death Cab For Cutie, on the first track 'Styrofoam Platesthe', start the compilation with. The compilation also features tracks by Kaito, Lapsus Linguae, Coin-Op, Simple Kid plus many more for you to check out. Fierce Panda is known for its sixth sense at finding interesting and diverse bands. 'Live The Dream', as a result, will not disappoint music fans, however wide their variety of tastes and demands.

Track Listing:-
1 Death Cab For Cutie– Styrofoam Plates
2 Seafood– People Are Underestimated
3 Medium 21– By My Side
4 The Music– The Walls Get Smaller (Live)
5 Kaito – Thwip-Side
6 The Parkinsons– Nothing To Lose
7 Caretaker– Hidden Agenda
8 (X) Is Greater Than (Y)– Glycerien
9 Lapsus Linguae– Olestra
10 Twig – Pump Me Like A Burger King
11 Coin-Op– The Make-Up (Demo Version)
12 Simple Kid– Staring At The Sun
13 Easyworld– Lights Out
14 Phonotype– Stars
15 Fiver– Chalet Motel
16 Astronaut – Save Me

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