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Miscellaneous - Profile

  by Alex Halls

published: 11 / 6 / 2002

Miscellaneous - Profile


The most well known punk festival in the UK, Holidays in the Sun year after year attracts punk fans from all over Europe. With this year's festival taking place in Blackpool in July, Alex Halls talks to founder Jennie Russell-Smith about what to expect

Holidays In The Sun is the most well known of the punk festivals in the UK. Year after year it attracts a following of people from all backgrounds, of all ages and, more impressively, people not only from the UK but from all over large parts of Europe also. So what could be better than an indoor festival with 3 stages, all in close proximity, with no chance of being rained on one day and sunburnt the next? To find an answer to this would be difficult. There are those who say that the indoor set up takes away from the fun of a festival but this is simply not true. The atmosphere remains as strong as ever and the drudgery of rain soaked people will definitely be avoided , a problem that the recent Ozzfest encountered. Holidays In The Sun has 95 confirmed bands this year. There will be a mixture of ska-punk and hardcore acts, and also several groups from the old school of punk. The bands are encouraged to be approachable and contribute to the atmosphere of the 3 days of the festival considerably. Holidays in the Sun is for those who want to celebrate the whole spirit and history of punk. It is unique in itself, and has more to offer than most other festivals . With the next Holidays in the Sun due to take place in Britain over the weekend of July 19th to the 21st, and the festival having shifted its focus this year from Morecambe to Blackpool, founder Jennie Russell-Smith took the opportunity to explain more about HITS to Pennyblackmusic PB: For those who don’t know what Holidays in the Sun is all about, how would you describe it? JRS: Holidays in the Sun is a weekend, indoor festival - we try to give it a total festival atmosphere but to keep it indoors. It's a great weekend where people get together with old friends year after year, see lots of their favourite bands and sample some new ones into the bargain. It's quite unique in the music festival world because it is a tightly knit scene in which you can get to drink in the bar with your favourite bands. PB: Atmospheres are unique to every festival and are hard to describe but what, in your opinion, would the atmosphere at Holidays in the Sun be best described as? JRS: Oops I think I kinda answered this question with the one above. HITS is a big family get together - the family keeps growing every year, taking in people from the world over. It's a global punk party in which everyone is welcome. PB: Following from the successes of previous years, what new can be expected at Blackpool this year? JRS : Last year in Morecambe was fantastic - it took over the whole town. Blackpool will be more compact as all three venues are under one roof - that will be good though (especially if our wonderful British summertime continues). The Olympia stage with all the new bands should hopefully attract a younger audience which should keep the whole festival swinging. PB: What else, other than the bands, will be on show or present at the festival? JRS : There will be a market selling everything from signed memorabilia to jewelry and music etc ; an exhibition of old punk photos and gig leaflets and what-not, and DJ's in all three venues and the market area. There will also be official merchandise for all bands and the festival itself, and maybe some face painting if I can find someone to do it (any takers gratefully accepted). PB: What were the reasons for the change from Morecambe to Blackpool? JRS: Last year we used the Market Arena in Morecambe - the market traders were not too happy to be asked to vacate the premises and kicked up a fuss for this year (even though the building got funding from Europe to be a part entertainment venue). The Council unfortunately sided with the traders expecting us to go in a marquee on the sea front - no way!! So it was hi ho it's off to Blackpool we go (at least for this year - 2003 is a whole new ball game). PB: The line-up appears to have a great number of older bands playing heavier stuff. Will there be bands present at Blackpool for those who prefer a softer sound or a more ska oriented sound? JRS: This year's line up has something for everyone - from Suicidal Tendencies and the Exploited tolighter stuff like [spunge] and Capdown. The four DJ's will also be playing a wide variety of stuff - the market area for example will have a lot of ska and chill out sounds. PB: What numbers do you envisage to be present at this year's festival? JRS : Hopefully 3500-4000 PB: What’s the greatest satisfaction in putting on a festival as big as this? JRS: Seeing everyone coming back year after year and enjoying themselves so much. We have had people have their weddings and honeymoons at Holidays in the Sun. It's really nice to feel that you make a difference to people and make them happy. PB : Thank you More information about Holidays in the Sun and about how to buy tickets can be found at the festval's official website www.holidaysinthesun.net

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Miscellaneous - Profile

Miscellaneous - Profile

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