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Aberdeen - Home Sick & Happy To

  by Chris Jones

published: 4 / 6 / 2002

Aberdeen - Home Sick & Happy To
Label: Better Looking
Format: CD


Long awaited debut album, and first recordings in seven years from one-time Sarah label artists, Aberdeen, which brings back memories of "the glory days of indie pop/rock"

It's been a long time since Aberdeen have graced us with their lovely pop tones - like 7 years!!! - and while the wait was far too long, this album is so good it's hard to complain, or does that give more reason to complain???  Aberdeen released two singles on the much loved Sarah label and a single on Sunday records, so this is actually their first full length release.  It's also the first album I've heard in a long time that reminded me of the glory days of indie pop/rock (I'm old, so I'm allowed to make comments like that...). Listening to the song 'Sink or Float' made me feel like I did when I first heard Velocity Girl way back when.  First your toes start tapping.  Then you start humming along.  And pretty soon you're damn near rocking out!  Yep, this is the type of indie rock that grabs ahold of you and forces you to bounce around.  The guitars have that fuzzy jangle sound that is both melodic and raucous to exactly the right extent.  They work perfectly with the fabulous vocals of Beth Arzy and the result is pure indie pop/rock at its finest!  If this song doesn't get you going, then I don't know what will. The raucousness of 'Sink or Float' gives way to the almost swanky, euro pop tones of "Clouds like These'.  This song is like sitting in front of a cafe and watching people walk by.  It has this nice Spanish sounding guitar part and one of those cool block of wood percussion sounds that give it the euro cafe vibe, and of course, the vocals are spot on once again.  Bellissima!! And that word really sums up the entire album.  The horn on "Thousand Steps'. The cello of "Homesick'.  The lyrics of 'Cities and Buses'.  And everything about 'Sunny in California'.  This is a beautiful album that goes from raucous indie rock to mellow indie pop without missing a beat.  This is an album that forces you to smile and bounce around. This is the kind of album I've been missing for a long time.  Thank you, Aberdeen!!! P.S. You can also hear Beth Arzy singing backup on the last Chuzzlewit CD "Secret Affinities'.

Track Listing:-
1 Handsome Drink
2 Sink Or Float
3 Clouds Like These
4 Sunny In California
5 Thousand Steps
6 Homesick
7 Cities And Buses
8 Drive
9 In My Sleep
10 That Cave That Moon

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