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Hoggboy - Shouldnt Let The Side Down

  by Mark Rowland

published: 23 / 5 / 2002

Hoggboy - Shouldnt Let The Side Down
Label: Sobriety
Format: 7"


Potentially promising debut offering from new English group, Hoggboy

There's now a name to describe all those raw rock n roll bands that have crawled from out the woodwork in England, America and Sweden recently, and it's the worst name for a scene ever. No Name, the scene that includes every band from Ikara Colt to The Cooper Temple Clause, is ironically currently the most interesting scene to appear in aeons. Hoggboy are, apparently, No Name, though it is very difficult to classify No Name bands (I can't get over how bad that name is). The track 'Shouldn't Let the Side Down' sounds like how the Strokes would sound if they had less money and were British. It's not quite as catchy, however, as the New York richboys' efforts, however, but Hoggboy definitely have potential to be a really great rock n roll band. Right now they are just a very good one. B-side 'Urgh!!' is a bit more raunchier and, with some dodgy orgasm-noise backing vocals, as you might expect from a B Side anyway, is less convincing. Hopefully, Hoggboy can only get better.

Track Listing:-
1 Shouldnt Let The Side Down
2 Urgh

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