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Weezer - Maladroit

  by Denzil Watson

published: 9 / 5 / 2002

Weezer - Maladroit
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Glorious "pop perfection", and second album in a year, from the highly popular and much acclaimed Weezer

Well ain't Weezer long players just like buses? You wait ages and then two of the bleeders come along at once. Bet the execs at Geffen will bankroll Weezer main man Rivers Cuomo's next degree themselves if it has the same effect on his song writing powers. Rumour had it that Cumuo had stock piled enough songs during his college days for another LP as soon last year's excellent 'Green' album hit the decks. And here's the proof. 'Maladroit', named as a result of an e-mail competition with fans, is very much in the same vein as last year's offering but further sees them further spearhead their challenge as the kings elect of the 'emo' movement that, since their return from obscurity, they've found themselves in the middle of. Firmly behind them are the geek-rock days of 1986's 'Pinkerton' and their earlier debut album. Yes, it was that long ago. So what does their longest album to date (they nearly break the 40-minute barrier) have to offer? Simple. Fifteen sublime sub-three minute slices of pop perfection. This is most definitely the all-new full on axe-guitar sonic assault Weezer Mark II. They even get featured in Kerrang now, for God's sake! But wait, there's still that beard and those jumpers ! Well, enough said. There's no real standout track à la 'Hash Pipe' on the 'Green' LP although the sweet melodies of 'Dope Noise' make it an obvious choice for a single. The Glam rock stomp of 'Keep Fishin' features more of their now trademark 'whoa ohhh' backing vocals, while 'Take Control' with its dampened chord intro, verges more on the rawk side and you start to realise just why Kerrang readers might sit up and take interest. 'Slob' is Weezer's glorious (tongue in cheek?) shot across the bows of the slacker generation - "get yourself a wife, get yourself a job, you're living in a dream, don't be a slob." 'Burndt Jamb' is the lightest moment here (save the rather bizarre inclusion of last years "Island in the sun" at the end of the LP) and borders on the jazz-funk. The sonic rush of 'Space Rock' encapsulates their winning formula - a pastiche of Smashing Pumpkins overdrive guitars meet Beach Boy's melodies. Rivers puts his axe guitar technique to good effect on 'Fall Together' and the punchy 'Possibilities' and as soon as the punky pogo-pop of 'Living With Out You' has finished, you're reaching for the repeat button on your stereo. And so to the key to Weezer's Second Coming. They excel at simplicity with their ability to perfectly blend catchy tunes with fuzzed-up guitars and hook lines. Add this to the fact that they've always been one of the most vocally well-endowed groups on the block and you have the answer. Just as the Buzzcocks introduced emotive tunes into the British new wave/punk movement back in the late 70's, Weezer are doing the same to American 'emo' in 2002. The alternative? Nu-metal. No thanks. Let's hope, along with the Geffen record execs, it isn't another five years wait for the next bus.

Track Listing:-
1 American Gigolo
2 Dope Nose
3 Keep Fishin'
4 Take Control
5 Death And Destruction
6 Slob
7 Burndt Jamb
8 Space Rock
9 Slave
10 Fall Together
11 Possibilities
12 Love Explosion
13 December

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