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2 Day Rule - When Your Ready

  by Alex Halls

published: 29 / 4 / 2002

2 Day Rule - When Your Ready
Label: Sugar Shack
Format: CD


"Impressive blend of youth and talent" from new Bristol-based ska pop-punk band

It is not often that a female fronts a punk band, and usually the quality of the band fails to live up to its potential on that very reason. With 2 Day Rule, our prayers for a decent female fronted punk band are, however, finally answered. Andrea Kenny has a voice not dissimilar to Cinder Block’s, from American band Tilt, but hers is a whole lot more tuneful throughout. Sharing the vocals at times with Neil Murray, Andrea makes the band that little bit more special. Craig Smith (bass) and Matt Woolman (drums) support the front pairing admirably, helping to create a grinding fast-paced pop ska-punk sound. 2 Day Rule are a fresh, talented young band with a point to prove and an infectious sound. 'When You’re Ready' has an appealing sound.It mixes the effervescent vocals with music of varying speeds and, therefore, differing styles. Changing from ska-punk to pop-punk between tracks, 2 Day Rule have been compared to Blink 182, but to make such a comparison is unfair. By not adopting a commercial attitude towards the music, they have ironically achieved a commercial sound by simply doing what they feel is right; playing music as they want it to be played, thus portraying an image of youthfulness and haste, but in a pleasant manner. ‘Odds and Ends’, opens the album with a vigourness that many before have failed to achieve. Detailing the reasons for a break-up between a couple, it is catchy and has a distinct, perfect live feel to it, although it is beautifully mastered. ‘Better off Now’ is laced with ska vibes, and fits flawlessly into the middle of the album, tieing the songs in with each other. 2 Day Rule are the kind of band you wish you could have been in when younger, full of potential and ready to riot on stage. 'When You’re Ready' is an impressive blend of youth and talent. The band seem to have captured all that is right about punk, and have produced it in a way that will appeal to skate-punks in general, but also to those who have not experienced the scene before.

Track Listing:-
1 Odds and Ends
2 No Doubt
3 Had A Good Thing
4 Do Everything Wrong
5 Space
6 Jonny and Loretta
7 Better off Now
8 I'll Be Just Fine
9 Don't Believe In Fighting
10 Sympathetic
11 Are We Having Fun Yet
12 About A Boy
13 Too Good To Be True

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