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Peter Pan Speedrock - Premium Quality, Serve Loud

  by Andrew Carver

published: 27 / 4 / 2002

Peter Pan Speedrock - Premium Quality, Serve Loud
Label: Suburban
Format: CD


Predictable hard rock from Motorhead-influenced Netherlands-based power trio

Peter Pan Speedrock! They’re a power trio!!! They’re from the Netherlands!!!! They play fast!!!! They play hard!!!!! They play rock!!!!!! (Note: this product does not include roll.) They’ve toured with Zeke! Nashville Pussy!! Motorhead!!! Turbo AC!!!! and Speedealer!!!!! That’s what it says on the promo copy sent for review!!!!!! But you’d know it even if it didn’t!!!!!! The first song is called 'Donkeypunch'! It’s about rocking! And being really drunk!!! The second is called 'Reincarnation'!! It’s about how PPS is bringing back the rock!!! Their other songs are about sex! And drugs!! And rock!!! Mostly rock!!!! Their singer sounds a little like Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators, but with less of a sense of humour and more screaming!!! If they didn’t slow things down every once in a while, they’d be a complete cartoon!! As it is, they come dangerously close!!! A sense of humour is required for enjoyment of this CD!!! A deep admiration for Zeke would also be an asset!!!!

Track Listing:-
1 Donkeypunch
2 Resurrection
3 Gotta Get Some
4 Come On You
5 Auf Der Axe
6 Hellalujah
7 Next Town
8 Sunny Side Up
9 Serve Loud
10 Motorblock
11 Bad Year For Rock and Roll
12 Rock Habit
13 Rearview Nightmare

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