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Various - I Am The World Trade Center / Phofo - Split Release

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 12 / 4 / 2002

Various - I Am The World Trade Center / Phofo - Split Release
Label: Little Shirley Beans Records
Format: 7"


Tasteful and highly recommended split single featuring I am the World Trade Centre and Phofu

This is a new single on Little Shirley Beans records, a label that has obvious taste when it comes to sleeve design – creating a very classy pink and brown design. I was impressed. As far as the music goes, that is pretty impressive too. I Am The World Trade Centre have an eye-catching name in light of recent events, but their music takes a while to get used to. It is not exceptional but is pleasant, and the sort of thing that would benefit from the capacity to have a few more ideas in the LP format. Still, this single makes me want to hear some kind of album so I guess it has served its purpose. Phofu, on the other hand, have an unremarkable name, but make scintillating music. It has a sort of mid period Primal Scream/ Acid House type vibe but the music is a bit more developed and modern sounding. It has a catchy melody line but resists the urge to over use it. The best bit of the track is when the band launches into a snippet of '“Light My Fire' by the Doors. This playfulness sets Phofu apart from their peers in many respects, and whilst I’m not a big Doors fan really, this works so well that it really tips the track over the balance, making it one of the year’s best singles so far. This comes highly recommended!

Track Listing:-
1 Loveless Sunday
2 Ancient Chinese Secret

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