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AGF - Head Slash Bauch

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 11 / 3 / 2002

AGF - Head Slash Bauch
Label: Orthlorng Muzork
Format: CD


Discordant, but oddly triumphant electronic experimentation on first solo CD from Laub vocalist, AGF

Here is one of the strangest releases that I have reviewed for Pennyblackmusic, and to be honest, I find it a bit weird that I am about to give it a good review. Here you will find electronic experimentation that never quite reaches the point of unlistenability but doesn't get far away. Added to that there are female vocals that never approach a tune. Up to now, it sounds dreadful, but what ties the album together is the music that surrounds the two core elements. Most of it is background noise, but it creates a real atmosphere around the music that when you sit down and listen to it is very interesting. But this is music to listen to closely, probably on headphones, and is perhaps the worst kind of background music imaginable. It is a bit like the recent Bjork album, 'Vespertine', in that it combines an apparently simple delivery with an awkward undercurrent that draws the listener in. This, however, does not come recommended to anybody but someone with a genuine interest in experimental music, and is the sort of thing that you have to put effort into listening to. A bit like a book or film that has no plot, this is a record that concentrates the listener to the aspects of music beyond just playing instruments and singing, to the finer points of actually putting a record together, and in that respect it is a triumph.

Track Listing:-
1 Liniendicke
2 Bgcolor
3 Torture
4 Rauhe Wand
5 Kassandra
6 Graue Wand
7 Readme
8 Brut Al
9 Breite Wand
10 Implus
11 Suba
12 Shumine
13 Mandeln
14 Klick Mich
15 Uralow
16 Kalt
17 Zwangsam Schwierig
18 Knitter
19 Object
20 Hand
21 Tag
22 Trink Und Vergiss Mich
23 Specify U

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