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Kula Shaker - Natural Magick

  by Zena Grieg

published: 4 / 5 / 2024

Kula Shaker - Natural Magick
Label: Strange F.O.L.K
Format: CD


Energetic and innovative merging of Indian music and psychedelia on seventh album from Kula Shaker, the first to feature their original line-up in twenty-five years

English psych-rock band Kula Shaker, fronted by Crispian Mills, son of 60s actor Hayley Mills, came to prominence in the Brit-pop era with their innovative blend of Indian music and psychedelic rock. Their newly released album, their seventh, marks the return of the original line-up after a twenty-five-year hiatus. A mix of mysticism and explicit protest songs, key themes defiance against materialism and a call for love and truth, ‘Natural Magick’ is in Mills’s words: “a ‘gateway’ to a happier, more spiritual reality.” Songs to listen out for in this thirteen-track collection include: the frenetic, soulful opener ‘Gaslighting’ with its guitars and keyboards reminiscent of the Kinks and The Doors and scene-setting spoken word intro: “Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here together to witness/ The great congregation in this Aquarian age of communication and re-humanisation/The revolution will not be live-streamed across all social media platforms/You will receive no notifications/Only dehypnotisations, revelations and realisations”; catchy, melodic dance track ‘Waves’; the funk-synth-pop title track with its rhythmic bassline and chants of ‘Magic’; humorous video homage to a host of Indian musicians and Bollywood celebrities ‘Indian Record Player’; ‘Chura Liya (You Stole My Heart)’ with its novel combination of Mexican and Indian sound; waltzing, bluesy ballad ‘Stay With Me’ with its male-female vocal interplay; infectious ‘Happy Birthday’ with its hypnotic female vocals by Laboni Barua, adorned by sitar, finger cymbals and Hammond organ; powerful anti-war anthem ‘Idontwannapaymytaxes’; 'Whistle And I Will Come’ with its insinuating beat; 90s Britpop-style ‘Kalifornia Blues’; and the closer, ‘Give Me Tomorrow’ with its upbeat vibe. Energetic, with uplifting, thoughtful lyrics, ‘Natural Magick’ is sure to feature in the band’s UK and Europe tour starting in Cardiff on April 22.

Track Listing:-
1 Gaslighting
2 Waves
3 Natural Magick
4 Indian Record Player
5 Chura Liya (You Stole My Heart)
6 Something Dangerous
7 Stay With Me Tonight
8 Happy Birthday
9 Idontwannapaymytaxes
10 F-Bombs
11 Whistle and I Will Come
12 Kalifornia Blues
13 Give Me Tomorrow

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