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French Boutik - Ce Je Ne Sais Quoi

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 25 / 10 / 2023

French Boutik - Ce Je Ne Sais Quoi
Label: Blau Blau
Format: CD


Intriguing combination of French and English original tracks and covers on third album by American-Anglo-French act French Boutik

So, here’s a curious one. Ever since Plastic Bertrand burst on to the music scene in the late 1970s, I have found a strange likeness to French-speaking pop music. I know I am not on my own here as there are quite a few others in this predicament as French Boutik have over nine and half thousand like on Facebook alone. They are not truly classed as French though it seems they describe themselves as an American-Anglo-French gang. This is their third and latest full length offering, ‘Ce Je Ne Sais Quoi’ featurea no less than eleven new tracks all produced by Andy Lewis. They have something to say as well. They are not afraid of confronting the heavier issues in life head-on if sometimes they touch on the more harsh political realities of today rather than dreaming of days gone by. Live for the now, it seems. ‘Trop Tard’, ‘Premier De Cordee’, ‘Devant Moi’ and ‘L’Humanite’ are all examples of this. I make it sound as though I know what im talking abut here which I actually don’t. I have my own translator who speaks perfect French-ish. ‘Au Flamingo’ s very 60’s influenced and is apparently about a guy drinking in a bar in Paris.’L’Humanite’ and ‘Negatif’ are very much along those lines while Premier De Cordee’ is I bit more punky as is ‘Partout’. Their Anglo side breaks through at times too such as on the early Blondie=influenced ‘Motor Girl’, This album has the inclusion of three even more curious Anglo additions covering songs by Slade, Roxy Music and The Kinks. The Roxy Music track is a well laid-out version of ‘More Than This’, The Slade cover is a version of ‘We’re All Crazy Now’, and the classics continue with ‘Tired of Waiting’ penned by the one and only Ray Davies. They are all done quite cleverly and in sympathy with the originals and as is with the rest of this album are clearly signed with plenty of amour and the unique French Boutik signature.

Track Listing:-
1 Pas La Peine
2 Au Flamingo
3 L'humanité
4 Motor Girl
5 Ce Je Ne Sais Quoi
6 Mama Weer All Crazy Now
7 Négatif
8 Samsung Partout
9 Devant Moi
10 Trop Tard
11 Premier De Cordée

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