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Thom Morecroft - Waiting for Leo

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 25 / 10 / 2023

Thom Morecroft - Waiting for Leo
Label: Nine x Nine Records
Format: CD


Lyrical and reflective debut album from dreamy Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Thom Morecroft

Following on from the magnificent 'The Feng Shui and the Sushi 'of 2019, Thom Morecroft delivers fourteen songs which enhance his reputation as one the leading lights in Liverpool’s current music scene. And considering his extensive back catalogue, this is nomean feat. 'Waiting For Leo' is vintage Morecroft, with new tracks such as the achingly beautiful 'Somebody Hurt Me', the emotional honesty of 'Wildbahn', and the atmospheric 'Mother Pillow,' rubbing shoulders with the likes of staple favourites 'The Beast,' 'Hayride'and 'Pride Hill'. Written and recorded during the lost years of covid, this sense of being in a kind of existential limbo was enhanced by the news of his impending first child. The period of pregnancy is one of reflection - review and acceptance of what has gone before, with the willingness to embrace the life - in every sense - of which is to come. The songs are presented quickly, like thoughts rapidly defined, processed and then shared. Although there is much introspection, Morecroft can also do upbeat. For example, 'The World Goes Round' is countered by 'Like A Dog'. The production is sparse and nuanced, which on the slower songs has the effect to lull the listener just like a lullaby. Beautiful shimmering guitars and ethereal backing vocals enhance this effect, and the listener finds themselves seduced into entering a dreamlike realm of possibility. Here, Morecroft acts as a facilitator to access differing emotions from the listener, which is the art of a great songwriter. The elements of composition are brought together to i9llicit a visceral response, and in this he is successful time and time again throughout the album. 'Waiting For Leo 'is truly remarkable, which would serve as a great introduction to Thom Morecroft to the uninitiated. But then again, you could dip into any era of his work and find the same quality of musicianship and lyrical craft. And with his latest musical offering he manages to raise a very high bar even higher still, which is fabulous to his growing devotees. It’s been well worth the wait.

Track Listing:-
1 Like A Dog
2 The Last Day You Left Home
3 Wildbahn
4 All In My Head
5 Some Day
6 Somebody Hurt Me
7 Mother Pillow
8 You've Got To Really Like It
9 Scream By The Dozen
10 The Bottle
11 When I Bury My Father
12 The World Goes Round
13 Throw My Love Away
14 The Heavenly Doctor

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