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Emilio Pinchi - 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, 13/11/2018

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 24 / 12 / 2018

Emilio Pinchi - 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool,  13/11/2018


Steve Kinrade waTches rising Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Emilio PInchi, superbly supported by White Little Lies and Lydiah, play an impressive home city gig to launch his new 'Holiday' EP.

Merseyside is, at the moment, absolutely vibrant with great musical talent. It always has been a centre for the emergence of great musical talent- even before those four scallywags made their mark - but now it is getting to a point of serious strength. Has the introduction of LIPA played its part? Well, arguably yes. The incomers to this establishment have galvanised the indigenous population to hone their craft even more sharply. Emilio Pinchi is one such “incomer”, but has been well and truly embarked by the Liverpool’s musical fraternity. Tonight was his home-town gig, fresh off a small European tour, and he and his band were ably supported by Lydiah and the much talked about duo White Little Lies. This was a bill of such quality, that it managed to pack out Liverpool’s leading small venue, 81 Renshaw Street, on a Tuesday night... First up was Lydiah, who transfixed the audience with a rapid eight song set. Stock-still on stage, her lack of movement intensifies the delivery of that smoky, other-wordley voice she possess. These are very much confessional songs, - 'Black Dog' - that draw you to this Artist, and as such you quickly drawn into Lydiah’s world view. She is, undoubtedly, a major talent in the offering and we should all watch her development closely. White Little Lies are the newish duo comprising of Vanessa Murray and Daniel Saleh. Both seasoned performers, they have joined voices and the result is making a lot of people stand up and take notice. The venue was perfect for their close harmonies, which was highlighted by their set opener of 'Hurricane' - a tremendous song which delivers first-class White Little Lies' musical manifesto. Full of great choruses, catchy hooks aplenty, this is seriously great song-writing. 'Young Love' highlights Vanessa Murray's sweet lead vocal, but again the importance of her close harmonies with Daniel Saleh emphasises what makes White Little Lies so so special. Emilio Pinchi took the stage to celebrate his new EP 'Holiday', and slowly built his twelve song set from the ground up. Bathed in the single glow of the spot-light, he started solo with 'Paint by Number' which pulled the packed crowd to his attention. The sublime 'This Machine' from the 'Holiday' EP soon followed, a beautiful song, probably the most lyrical muse on how any of life’s “machinery” - be it cultural or economic -has its effects on us all. His band then slowly came together on the stage, and with deft musical touch treated the packed audience to renditions of 'During Voided Hours', 'Second Hand Clothes' and 'High Times'. Pinchi not only writes a good song, but great titles... His night ended with the sublime 'High Times', a fitting end to a triumphant end of tour gig. Pinchi has, with this latest release, seemed to have crossed some creative rubicon in his artistic development. He is formulating new musical paradigms to match this new artistic confidence. It could well be that 2019 will be the year that Emilio Pinchi starts to gain traction on a wider level - and I for one would not bet against it.

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