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Soft Hearted Scientists - Golden Omens

  by Keith How

published: 29 / 7 / 2016

Soft Hearted Scientists - Golden Omens
Label: Hip Replacement
Format: CD X2


Inventive and off-kilter latest double CD album from Cardiff-based band, the Soft Hearted Scientists

Something has been stirring in Cardiff! The Soft Hearted Scientists have been hidden away in their secret laboratory with bottles of ginger beer, jelly babies and re-runs of 'The Prisoner'. Quiet bunch, the Scientists. Apart from the odd rant on Facebook they keep themselves to themselves until there is something to say. After venturing into London to perform at Games For May, they returned to Wales muttering rumours of a new record. So, 'Golden Omens' is upon us. Just what can we expect? Clocking in at just over an hour, 'Omens' is a sprawling two CD set of compositions divided into four parts. What a trip this is, enhancing their growing reputation as an inventive and leftfield nu-pyschedelic band. With 'Golden Omens', the Scientists continue to demonstrate an amazing ability to offer insightful and witty social observation encased in moments of true beauty. Opening with a shimmering instrumental piece, 'Little Gardens Full of Ghosts' (one of many tasteful interludes scattered throughout the album), the listener is invited into the strange world of the Soft Hearted Scientists. Obvious references to British Psych pop are there for all to hear but Soft Hearted scientists have an uncanny ability to seamlessly and unashamedly move from a catchy chorus ('Shiver Me Timbers') to the dark psych-folk of 'Helicopters of Habershon Street' in a refreshing and innovative style. One could easily pass the Soft Hearted Scientists off as just another “psychedelic” band attempting to re-create a past era but that would be wrong. Yes there is a touch of whimsy here and there but Nathan Hall has an uncanny ability to weave words and melodies into diverse tiny universes to explore. 'Surferella' reveals a side to Soft Hearted Scientists not often heard, an uptempo affair totally in keeping with the unexpected twists and turns that keep popping up in the most delightful manner. 'The Creep', for instance, with Beach Boys' harmonies is followed by another pastoral instrumental 'Imaginary Film Scene 1' that could easily featured in 'The Wicker Man'. 'Golden Omens' is inventive, intriguing and beautifully played and reinforces the Soft Hearted Scientists' reputation as one of the best kept secrets on the scene at the moment. Probably the biggest compliment I can offer is that when the album ends you want press play and experience the trip all over again. 'Golden Omens' is glorious and their finest offering to date

Track Listing:-
1 Little Gardens Full of Ghosts
2 Golden Omens
3 Shiver Me Timbers
4 If Only it Would Rain Again
5 Rue the Day
6 Crystal Coves
7 On a Clear Day I Can Think for Miles
8 Reverse Reference
9 Zeds
10 Strange Oceans
11 People Cities and the Silence
12 Helicopters of Habershon Street
13 The Upward Spiral
14 51.802294,-3.222266
15 Surferella
16 Glimpse!
17 27 Seconds in Antarctica
18 The Creeps
19 Imaginary Film Scene #1
20 The Missing Mountains Song
21 Cherry Blossom Velvet Vision Shield My Mind From Broken Glass
22 The Vultures
23 On a Pathway Darkly
24 Incredible Design
25 The Opportunity
26 Transistoresister

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