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Runrig - The Story

  by Keith How

published: 7 / 3 / 2016

Runrig - The Story
Label: Ridge Records
Format: CD


Fitting, soul-stirring finale on fourteenth and last album from Celtic legends, Runrig

Oh, Runrig! How I have missed you. From the opening bars of 'The Story' the breadth of Runrig’s sound hits you in the soul. A picked acoustic guitar and Gaelic vocals open the album but when the trademark soaring break spirals to the sky you are left in no doubt that the Scottish legends are back. My first encounter with Runrig was on a road trip to experience the Isle of Skye around 1981 when I heard them in a roadside café somewhere in the Highlands. The music touched me (Don’t you love it when that happens?). Maybe it was the mountains? Maybe the breakers on the lonely beaches or the expanse of clear blue sky above my head? It was more likely a combination of all those elements but I felt the magic. Years later I actually experienced them live around the time of 'The Big Wheel' in the early 1990s. It was at the Greenbelt Arts Festival, and I sat with my young son under a tree watching the sun set with Runrig, possibly at the height of their powers, providing the soundtrack. Now years later they re–emerge into my universe with this their fourteenth studio album which is to bring the curtain down on a unique career. 'The Story' is Runrig ticking every box, being emotional, powerful and and full of meaning. There have been line-up changes over the years but you wouldn’t know. 'Onar' keeps the tempo up with driving bass and crisp drumming and a surprising sax solo. There is a sideways glance to classic U2, and the guitar solo is a monster. 'Rise and Fall' kicks in. This is a classic ballad, thoughtful and spiritual and full of atmosphere with an outstanding guitar solo. It is everything that you might hope for in a Runrig song as it segues into a beautiful short instrumental. 'Every Beating Heart' will have arms waving and voices raised in union with a massive chorus. and is immediately followed by the powerful, pounding 'The Years We Shared', which is simple but effective with guitars and sweeping orchestration that carries you away on a wave of wonder. It takes a rare ability to capture tradition and modernism and Runrig are masters of the art with their shimmering guitars and harmonies that are sweet and true. The album is projected into the stratosphere with 'When the Beauty' that carries that ambience that regularly haunts Icelandic and Nordic sounds. It is elegant and beautiful. Then 'An-Duigh Ghabh Mi Cuairt' brings you to your knees. Sung in Gaelic, it is a magical composition almost from another time. Just when you think the band are bowing out on this emotional moment they spring a surprise with a foot-stomping dance hall rock and roller. 'The Place Where Rivers Run'. It’s a banger whirling and wheeling with passion and joy. Here it comes though, Runrig‘s epitaph, the beautiful 'Somewhere'. It is the heart-rending poignant song we might have expected, and trademark Runrig with hopeful lyrics and the orchestra swelling to a crescendo before fading into the Western evening while quiet voices gently drift away. 'The Story' is a belter and a fitting testimony to a really great band.

Track Listing:-
1 The Story
2 Onar
3 Rise and Fall
4 Elegy
5 Every Beating Heart
6 The Years We Shared
7 When the Beauty
8 18th July
9 An-Duigh Ghabh Mi Cuairt
10 The Place Where the Rivers Run
11 Somewhere

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