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Kontakte - These Machines

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 1 / 10 / 2014

Kontakte - These Machines
Label: The Collapse of Everything
Format: CD


Immediately appealing and upbeat post rock on third album from instrumental trio, Kontakte

The difference between boring and time-consuming is Kontakte's third album; it's fun to listen to. Their driving instrumental post-rock includes odd electronica bits and often builds up to a wall of sonic noise. These compositions, such as the 1970s-ish ‘Space Junk’, are of immediate appeal and rather carefree. Their upbeat melodies are a soundtrack to sunrise, and the album cover design is very misleading. The mish-mash of progressive styles sound orange, rather than grey. On stage a duo, on record a trio though, Griffiths, Low and Worth play perfectly relaxing music. It is loud, of course, but has a colourful and symphonic touch. Think meandering guitar patterns with bouncing rhythms. Unpretentious post-rock which you can safely play in a crowded pub. It melts well with brews and bubbles. Merry music

Track Listing:-
1 Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Int
2 Fear of Music
3 Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
4 Nuclear Winter
5 Sci-Fi Rising
6 Space Junk
7 Immortal Engines
8 ...All Watched Over

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