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Damn Vandals - Rocket Out of London

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 6 / 5 / 2014

Damn Vandals - Rocket Out of London
Label: Sexy Beast
Format: CD


Cliched and adolescent rock and roll on second album from London-based group, Damn Vandals

Londoners Damn Vandals' have a sleazy approach to rock and roll and do things in a stripped back style. ‘Rocket Out Of London’ atarts off pretty well, as the first few tracks feature plenty of Cramps-esque imagery and a somewhat Meteors-like delivery. Rock and roll attitude is evident from the start of first track ‘Twist and Tangle’. Lead singer Jack Kansas’s gravelly vocals compliment the low growling bass. There are also Josh Homme style guitar sounds from fellow axe-slinger Frank Pick. ‘I Hate School’ may appeal to some, but in my opinion no one that sounds this old should be singing about hating school. It was bad enough when Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister pedalled this nonsense when they both well into their thirties, and Damn Vandals here sound juvenile and irelevant. The music veers dangerously near to a dad/pub rock sound at times, which of course, has its place although I’m not sure this is Damn Vandals intention. If it is, then great, they’re doing a smashing job of making no-nonsense rock and roll to fuel beery nights of fun, but all too often tracks such as ‘Too Lazy To Die Too Stoned To Live’ lack substance. Overall I found the album to be more Newcastle Brown Ale than Pineapple Express. That said, their combination of Lemmy-style vocals and poppier Queens of the Stone Age guitars is definitely not without its charm and live I would imagine they’re probably belting, so I would be very keen to hear them in their natural habitat.

Track Listing:-
1 Twist up and Tangle
2 Cities of a Plastic World
3 Too Lazy to Die Too Stoned to Live
4 I Bring You Love
5 Number One Fan
6 Whisky Going Free
7 I Hate School
8 Mad as Hell
9 This Music Blows My Tiny Mind
10 Rocket over London

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