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Dr Feelgood - Get Rhythm: The Best of Dr Feelgood 1984-1987

  by Andy Cassidy

published: 20 / 11 / 2013

Dr Feelgood - Get Rhythm: The Best of Dr Feelgood 1984-1987
Label: Salvo Music
Format: CD X2


Enjoyable mid-era double CD compilation from blues rock veterans Dr Feelgood, which, however, does not match up to the magnificence of their early years

WARNING: THIS IS NOT THE BEST OF DR FEELGOOD. When I saw Pink Floyd in 1994, I felt cheated. Sure I had seen David Gilmour’s Floyd, but I felt that I hadn’t really seen THE Floyd. I feel the same way about this release. Feelgood without Wilko, John B Sparks, and John “The Big Figure” Martin are not, for me, Feelgood. That said, there are some great tracks on here. The pub-rock classic 'Close But No Cigar' still stands out as a superb cut. Other highlights will be well known to aficionados, such as 'Play Dirty', 'Take What You Can Get', 'Spy v Spy', but to me, this is a lacklustre set when contrasted to those first five or six albums. Had this been marketed differently, and by that I mean by Lee Brilleaux back in ’84, I would probably be raving about this collection, as by anyone else’s standards, it would be pretty impressive, but the shadow of the original Feelgood hangs over this like a ghost at a birthday party. The playing throughout is good, but lacks that spark that was evident in the earlier recordings. The package here, is, however, magnificent, featuring insightful sleevenotes from Will Birch and some great photos. I would definitely recommend this collection, but only as an addition to a collection which already includes Casenotes. Otherwise, like this collection, the listener will fail to get the full picture. The best of Dr Feelgood? Close, but no cigar.

Track Listing:-
1 Close But No Cigar
2 So Long
3 You Don't Love Me
4 Neighbour Neighbour
5 Hit Git And Split
6 I Can't Be Satisfied
7 Saturday Night Fish Fry
8 It Ain't Right
9 I Don't Worry About A Thing
10 She's In The Middle
11 Dangerous
12 I Love You So You're Mine
13 You Got My Number
14 Big Enough
15 Don't Wait Up
16 Get Rhythm
17 Where Is The Next One
18 Play Dirty
19 Grow Too Old
20 Rough Ride
21 I'm A Real Man
22 Come Over Here
23 Take What You Can Get
24 See You Later Alligator
25 Dust My Broom
26 Dimples
27 Tore Down
28 Mad Man Blues
29 My Babe
30 Can't Find The Lady
31 Rock Me Baby
32 Don't Start Me Talking
33 Hunting Shooting Fishing
34 Break These Chains
35 Heartbeat
36 (I Wanna) Make Love To You
37 Highway 61
38 Quit While You're Behind
39 Nothing Like It
40 Spy Vs Spy
41 Hurricane
42 Crack Me Up
43 Lights Of Downtown
44 Don't Underestimate Your Enemy

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