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Kyte - Love to Be Lost

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 13 / 6 / 2013

Kyte - Love to Be Lost
Label: Eastworld Recordings
Format: CD


Unusual combination of electronica and guitar rock on fourth album from Leicester-based band Kyte, who are popular in Asia

Kyte are a Leicestershire-based band that I first heard of when they released one of their earliestsingles on the then new label, Sonic Cathedral records. Its three current members, who are all now in their mid-twenties, formed the band pretty much after leaving school, and in 2008 they released their first album on Kids Records. ‘Love to Be Lost’ is the band's fourth album, and is already a huge success in Asia where it was released first at the same time as the recent My Bloody Valentine remasters. In some shops it was displayed on the racks next to the Creation landscapers of shoegaze. Back home, however, it is a different story. Formed by Nick Moon, Tom Lowe and Scott Hislop, it has been three years since their last album, ‘Dead Waves’, and since, I moved to Leicester in late 2011, the band have only played their home town twice. The last time they were meant to play it was cancelled due to one of the members breaking a wrist. They also lost a member Jamie Ward when he left to form a new band, Dark, Dark Horse, who have become popular in Leicester. The first time I saw them live at a local festival in Leicester they were very loud, and completely electro. The next time they were a guitar band. This new album treads between the two. Nick’s voice meanwhile is reminiscent of Tom Chaplin from Keane or Chris Martin from Coldplay, although live they are so loud that his vocals usually get lost in the mix. ‘Love to Be Lost’ gets better as it moves towards its ending. It is very multi-textured as a record. At points it has a lovely nu-gaze glow to it, but other times it holds no relation to anything nu-gaze at all and they could be anthemic festival-pleasers. It is an unusual album, one that the Asians have taken to their hearts, but over here is it enough to win over our British hearts?

Track Listing:-
1 Breaking Bones
2 Scratches
3 You & I
4 Almost Life
5 Over, After
6 Every Nightmare
7 Friend of a Friend
8 Aerials
9 Half Alone
10 Love to Be Lost
11 Blood Anger
12 Salt in the Water
13 Sickly Words of Wisdom

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Interview (2013)
Kyte - Interview
Anthony Strutt chats to Scott Hislop from Leicestershire-based electronic/shoegazing group about their new album 'Love to be Lost', and while they are little known in Britain their huge popularity in Asia

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