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Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 1 / 12 / 2012

Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill
Label: Reprise Records
Format: CD


Fantastic return to form on double CD latest reunion album from Neil Young and Crazy Horse

There is nothing here on this album that Neil Young and Crazy Horse have not done before, but, that said, it won't stop the hardcore fans like myself, whom have been hungry for the Crazy Horse reunion to think it is nothing short of brilliant. This is the band's second album in a year, but the last one, 'Americana', was crap so we won't mention that, shall we? This is back to what they do well, long extended jams and short sweet nuggets, which are this time wrapped up in a two CD set.There are just four songs on each disc with a bonus track not credited on the sleeve of the second CD. 'Drifting Back' opens the album. It is a song that since I first heard it has become my morning cuppa. It is 27 minutes of pure beauty that starts off as a solo track with Young, playing on one guitar the smoothest, acoustic guitar lines you ever did hear, before Crazy Horse harmonies join right in and hitch it up a gear. It then gets into a groove, and while still the same song becomes much meatier and more grungy. It is a song to lose your head and to do your best ever air guitar moves to. It is like a lot of this album a song about reflection, about growing up, looking back and progression. Neil sings about not wanting no MP3s and talks about hip hop haircuts, showing this 67 year old man knows what is still going on. 'Psychedelic Pill' is actually very short, and is like an updated version of his 1969 song 'Cinnamon Girl', but delivered as was his 1982 album 'Trans' through a distorter. It sounds odd but like he is having fun too, while the uncredited bonus track on the second disc is an undistorted version of it. 'Ramada Inn' has gone down well with the hardcore and one can see why. It is pretty much what he does so well with Crazy Horse. They just melt together, making this sound that no one else does. It is again reflective with killer guitar lines to die for, and is another long journey but one that gets you involved. It is a song about growing up, and being a parent and all that entails. 'Born in Ontario' ends the first CD, which is a love song for his home town of Toronto, and given a raw blues feel is a knee bopper for those of a certain age. The second CD starts with 'Twisted Road', which is a slow blues track, and is completely engaging and very radio friendly. 'She's Always Dancing' is a heavy rock number, and a song to make your head spin around like Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist'. 'For the Love of Man' is almost a hymn, very reflective and well chilled out, while 'Walk Like a Giant' is another extended jam. This is a song to get that air guitar out to, to turn up the volume and forget life's hassles and lose yourself in Neil and the boys' solid rhythms. A fantastic return to form.

Track Listing:-
1 Driftin' Back
2 Psychedelic Pill
3 Ramada Inn
4 Born In Ontario
5 Twisted Road
6 She's Always Dancing
7 For The Love Of Man
8 Walk Like A Giant
9 Psychedelic Pill (Alternate Mix)

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