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Tenebrous Liar - End of the Road

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 11 / 10 / 2012

Tenebrous Liar - End of the Road
Label: Tenor Vossa
Format: CD


Overwhelmingly nihilistic and brutal, but strangely riveting seventh album from hardcore act Tenebrous Liar, the band of acclaimed rock photographer Steve Gullick

‘End of the World’ is the seventh chapter in the tales of Tenebrous Liar, a band imploding, freezing and near to death. It was engineered somewhere near my hometown of Nottingham, which is where I found myself wandering hopelessly through a stinking fog filled post apocalyptic quagmire with swamp beasts tugging at my heels. I stumbled into ‘Bomberhead’ first. I heard voices in my ears talking in a different language. Then someone shouted, “1,2,3,4 “and “BANG!” There was no other vocal here, just the sound of the apocalypse. As I continued, I chugged through the Bowie-esque ‘Expired’ feeling rejected and trying to cope with the inevitability of loss, and then as if in some kind of Tarantino film I slipped quickly into the‘The End of the Road" with its wailing vocals in the background. '”Is this the end of the road, cos I cannot take it anymore?,” they wailed as if it was a love song to a decaying nation. I thought, ‘Run, Run, Run’ and I could hear an infectious thumping beat as if I were somewhere in a crowded club , but this was different like dreaming you're falling, only to wake up drowning. The twinkling of guitars gave me the impetus to try and ‘Erase the Days’. This feeling was slow and sombre until about a minute went by, and then hells guitars ripped in like an office block bomb blast making me shiver with the brilliance of distorted rumbling from afar. I was trying to clear the mind now but failing badly. Again the distorted guitar cried out. I waded through the ‘Burn on a Sunday’ watching a friend destroy themselves, and tried to ‘Get Back’ knowing I was beaten but not knowing how to surrender until at last ‘Sleep’ came and along with it the restful, peaceful sound of my heartbeat, but it didn’t last long. After about a minute I was strapped to the propeller of a tiger moth, and sent spinning madly with one last breath and beyond. The end felt close, and ‘Pieces for You’ proved to be a remorseful encore leading me into a false sense of security. I felt now like I was n the middle of a funeral in the deep south with echoes of the Fairfield Four helping me to the finish. I was done, spent and feeling moody. I felt like I had been been pulled head long through an entire film soundtrack by the likes of Richard Warren. I was drained.....but I will do it all again, pretty soon.

Track Listing:-
1 Bomberhead
2 Expired
3 End Of The Road
4 Run Run Run
5 Erase The Days
6 Burn On A Sunday
7 Get Back
8 Sleep
9 Pieces For You

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