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Mouse On Mars - Parastrophics

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 2 / 2012

Mouse On Mars - Parastrophics
Label: Monkeytown Records
Format: CD


Challenging, but mesmerising latest album from durable German electronic duo, Mouse on Mars

When you are thought to be closer to senility than puberty like I am, the chances are that you have been listening to the music of Mouse on Mars right from the beginning. It is almost twenty years since, on Too Pure, they first released some of their obstinate electronic music. Mark E.Smith, excelling in gibberish, recorded one of his zaniest records with them. A highly prolific duo, Mouse On Mars have shaped modern music and enjoyed commercial success with the 'Niun Niggung' album which you may find at a discount in specialist record stores. The Modeselektor duo, who run the Monkeytown label, must feel proud to be releasing the new Mouse On Mars album. The electronica wizardry of their music reaches a new height. 'Parastrophics' is a mixture of urban music and IDM. Intelligent dance music that is, and no matter how preposterous the term is, it describes with great aptness the sound of Mouse On Mars. Hard to understand and hard also to dance to because of their structured chaos, Mouse On Mars again demand full attention. Their twisted beats once again do the trick. Caught on the back foot, some of the songs come bouncing at you, while other tracks appear harsh at first and turn out to be of a very gentle nature. Playful as ever, you may detect a street organ and a jolly fancy fair touch on 'iMatch'. Their witty and mysterious ways continue on 'Gearknot Cherry', which stumped me. This is where they start their self-mockery, not forgetting a noticeable slagging off of the Facebook con. ‘Von Südenfed’, the collaboration with Mark E. Smith from 2007 and the closing track on this, provides a strong reminder of their intention. 'Seaqz' aims to hit you for six, yet it is no perfect drive and rolls over the rope for four. Mouse On Mars are still Kings of the Jungle though.

Track Listing:-
1 the beach stop
2 chordblocker, cinnamon toasted
3 metrotopy
4 wienuss
5 they know your name
6 syncropticians
7 cricket
8 imatch
9 polaroyced
10 gearknot cherry
11 bruised to imwimper
12 baku hipster
13 seaqz

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