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Vile Imbeciles - D is for W

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 27 / 10 / 2011

Vile Imbeciles - D is for W
Label: Tea Vee Eye
Format: CD


Confusing, but soon hypnotic and compulsive fourth album from Brighton-based experimental group, Vile Imbeciles

Any album with track titles such as ‘Bitches Kisses’, ‘When Cupid Fucked’ and ‘Thinking Shit’ will almost inevitably prove confrontational. And indeed ‘D is For W’, the fourth album of Brighton-based experimental act Vile Imbeciles, is confrontational, although perhaps not in the way that might be expected. Far from being an album of abrasive white noise rock, the music on ‘D is for W’ consists largely of a succession of jerky guitar chords and angular electronic blips. Singer Andy Huxley’s vocals are, however, so hoarse and reedy that they are often inaudible or alternatively so abstract that they do not always make a lot of sense. While at one level a very different album, ‘D is for W’, like Public Image Limited’s ‘Metal Box’, has its own peculiar sense of melody and timing. Its stuttering music and Huxley’s unusual vocals are initially irritating and hard going, but over the course of forty five minutes and thirteen tracks grow and develop into becoming first of all hypnotic and then ultimately compulsive. ‘D is for W’ is without doubt an acquired taste, but both it and the Vile Imbeciles, who are mystifying and yet oddly satisfying in equal measure, have their own eccentric power.

Track Listing:-
1 Rolling In Ice Cream
2 Cease To Exist
3 Split Your Signature
4 Apathetic Innocence
5 Bitches Kisses
6 Ripe For The Cross
7 Playing In The Dark
8 When Cupid Fucked
9 Bertie Lean
10 Helpless
11 Hold My Head Calm As I Wake Off Your Warning Shots
12 Thinking Shit
13 It Makes You Sad
14 Weird Cos You're Real

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