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Girls Guns and Glory - Sweet Nothings

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 11 / 9 / 2011

Girls Guns and Glory - Sweet Nothings
Label: Lonesome Day Records
Format: CD


Gloriously listenable anthems of heartbreak on fourth album from Boston-based Americana outfit, Girls Guns abd Glory

For a band with such a brash moniker, Ward Hayden's group Girls Guns and Glory are surprisingly lacking on macho swagger. If anything, most of their alt-country songs are so heartbroken, knocked down and broken that it seems most likely that the girls have run off and the gun is the one they're pointing at their own temples. But just when they threaten to disappear through misery into self pity Girls, Guns and Glory pull out a foot tapping stormer like title track 'Sweet Nothings'. To be fair this is also a warning about the vagaries of the fairer sex – one steeped in helpful advice routed through his mother's warnings to not put all your eggs in one basket and to hold off on counting said eggs as chickens until they've hatched. Musically this release doesn't stray far from standard honky tonk country. As a result sometimes 'Sweet Nothings' seems in danger of living up to its name. The slower numbers can grate. 'Last Night I Dreamed' and its tale of finding your girl is someone else's bride is particularly guilty, not helped by lyrics such as “You see dreams do come true/But not all dreams are for you.” But just as it seems they might have been over cautious about following the alt-country rule book they somehow manage to pull you into another gloriously listenable song like the duet '1,000 Times'. If heartbreak keeps him writing songs like this, here's hoping Hayden doesn't get lucky in love any time soon.

Track Listing:-
1 Baby's Got A Dream
2 Sweet Nothings
3 Nighttime
4 Last Night I Dreamed
5 Mary Anne
6 Root Cellar
7 1,000 Times
8 This Old House
9 Snake Skin Belt
10 Not A Girl Left In The World
11 Universe Began

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