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Friends - The Zen House

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 30 / 6 / 2011

Friends - The Zen House
Label: Summerhouse Records
Format: CD


Flawed acoustic tenth album from long-term London-based indie-pop outfit, Friends

It is over 25 years since Friends first entered the music scene as another jingle-jangle indie-pop band and since then they have intermittently played gigs and released records that have stayed true to their C86 beginnings. Following a string of dates in Japan, ‘The Zen House’ is their tenth album release, continuing along the same theme with jaunty upbeat songs, but in a mainly acoustic way. Unfortunately frontman William Jones' lyrics have never been the band's strong suit, and when songs are stripped back lyrics become much more of a focal point and as such it would be true to say that Friends are not at their best when playing in this style. Indeed at times the lyrics almost resemble junior school poetry such as "Staring at your sleeping face just makes me want to smile/I'll hang around this perfect place a long while" in ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ or "Summer sunshine in your hair /Summer breezes everywhere/Laughter ringing through the day/ Midnight singing fades away" from ‘When You Smile’. As a result ‘The Zen House’ is far from essential and should be filed as one for hardcore fans or completists only. For those unaware of Friends, check out their excellent ‘Single Friends’ compilation instead.

Track Listing:-
1 When You Smile
2 London Sunday Morning
3 Still Feelings
4 Your Will
5 Good Morning Gorgeous
6 Nightlife
7 Meaning To Write
8 Bird
9 Remember Me
10 Fine Again
11 Go Home
12 Other Bird
13 Driftwood
14 Get Together Again
15 The Zen House
16 The Road

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