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Blue Angel Lounge - Narcotica

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 15 / 1 / 2011

Blue Angel Lounge - Narcotica
Label: 8MM Musik
Format: CD


Engaging psychedelia on second album from German band the Blue Angel Lounge, co-produced by Anton Newcombe from the Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Blue Angel Lounge from Hagen, Germany put forth music that is both atmospheric and fascinating on their second and latest album 'Narcotica'. 'Narcotica' was self produced with the assistance of psychedelic music avatar Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The opening track 'Narcotica' starts with a powerful and magnetic electric drone that transports the listener into another world. The definite presence of Shoegaze music can be heard. The vocals are not really clear or defined, but yet function like another instrument. The music holds you in a trance. The next song 'Caught Crow' is an upbeat and catchy number, as 1980s New Wave music is distinctly brought to mind. On 'Bewitch My Senses', the lyrics are evocative: “Take me down to the bottom of your sea/Let’s sail/Hear the sound.” The Blue Angel Lounge draws you into a sea of psychedelic sound- a nether world where the influence of the Velvet Underground can be heard. This is music that is both spare and rich at the same time. The listener is awash in haunting atmospherics on 'Son of the Ocean', while an instrumental cacophony can be heard. Starting with humming vibrato electric guitar work that brings to mind My Bloody Valentine, the singer expresses the pain of love on the track 'Corona': “Your lucky smile burns my skin/Your hungry eyes make me sick/I love you.” Newcombe sings backing vocals on 'Delete My Ideals', a Brian Jonestown Massacre-influenced treat. While the lyrics are often hard to decipher here, they seem to speak to loneliness and alienation: “I have no one/I feel so sorry.” 'Darklands' is an instrumental number with focus on the synthesizer and drums. We hear more atmospherics and psychedelics, with a beat that is somehow both ominous and comforting. The closer 'I Will Never' starts with an inspired organ solo. On this song, the Blue Angel Lounge’s lyrics suddenly develop great clarity: “I don’t care what you say my old friend/I want to feel it right now in my veins/I’ll try to lose all these feelings/No I can’t/I will never.” Along with vibrant electric guitar work, the singer expresses emotions of true displacement. All in all, 'Narcotica' is a solid album with an engaging array of atmospherics, as the Blue Angel Lounge resonates with the psychedelic influence of producer Anton Newcombe.

Track Listing:-
1 Narcotica
2 Caught Crow
3 Bewitch My Senses
4 Son Of The Ocean
5 Corona
6 Delete My Ideals
7 Secure Existence
8 Street And Exile
9 Darklands
10 New Ghandi
11 I Will Never

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