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Jimmie Vaughan - Plays Blues, Ballads and Favorites

  by Lisa Torem

published: 24 / 6 / 2010

Jimmie Vaughan - Plays Blues, Ballads and Favorites
Label: Proper Records
Format: CD


Invigorating and energetic collection of covers from former Fabulous Thunderbirds guitarist, Jimmie Vaughan

'Jimmie Vaughan Plays Blues, Ballads and Favorites' pays tribute to the golden eras of America’s past, in the same way that novels like 'Brave New World' or 'The Time Machine' brandished epiphanies about the future. This collection, though, just out, already has the award-winning anatomy of a classic. Vaughan brings together long-time musician pals, such as vocalist Lou Ann Barton, and bassist, Hammond B-3 organist and vocalist Bill Willis, who supported him in the days of the Tilt-a-Whirl Band. (Willis began his bass playing career in the mid 50s with Billie Holiday, at the age of 23). And, though Vaughan has performed, in the past, as a one-man band, here he generously shares the vocal and instrumental stage with his talented cohorts But, it’s the bona fide bluesman himself who opens this rousing 15 track collection, with ‘The Pleasure’s All Mine.’ Surprisingly, Vaughan didn’t start his singing career until he was in his 40s, but you never would have guessed it. Splendidly weaving rhythm and solo guitar, Vaughan spices up those bursts of energy with his unique infusion of vocal fluidity. Furthermore, this Texan has a great ear and even “got fired” by his guitar teacher once for refusing to sit still long enough to read notes. He also loves the sound of the sax and plays off the instrument using smoothly- articulated, and exciting guitar responses. (‘She’s Got the) Blues for Sale’ was a 40s' big band hit, penned by Billy Eckstine. ‘I’m Leaving it All Up to You’ was a number one hit and popular duet by Dale and Grace, recorded in 1963. The duo had waved to John F. Kennedy in his motorcade, before the president’s assassination. It had also been recorded by Linda Ronstadt and Donny and Marie Osmond in the ‘70s, but Vaughan makes his version distinct with Barton’s velvet voice pitted against his grainier pipes. ‘Comin’ and Goin’ is a virtuosic treat. Vaughan is an accomplished guitarist who always enjoys adding a self-penned instrumental to his recordings. This one refuses to slow down, like the artist himself. Vaughan claims that his mission was to record an album with great songs; songs that might be on your friendly diner’s clickety-clack juke box. That goal has been accomplished. ‘Jimmie Vaughan plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites’ is fresh, invigorating and reminiscent of lazy youthful days when the promise of great music, blaring from a transistor radio, not an I Pod, splashed water on your early-morning face. I nearly smashed into a sixteen-wheeler, as I was careening down an urban intersection, shimmying my shoulders and so might you. So, yes, listen while on the freeway, but fasten up.

Track Listing:-
1 The Pleasure's All Mine
2 Come Love
3 I'm Leavin' It Up To You
4 Comin' & Goin'
5 Wheel Of Fortune
6 How Can You Be So Mean
7 Just A Little Bit
8 Lonely Weekends
9 I Miss You So
10 RM Blues
11 Roll, Roll, Roll
12 Send Me Some Lovin'
13 Why, Why, Why
14 (She's Got The) Blues For Sale
15 Funny How Time Slips Away

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